Protectorate of Cinnamon Creek

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Protectorate of Cinnamon Creek
Flag of Protectorate of Cinnamon Creek
Coat of arms of Protectorate of Cinnamon Creek
Coat of arms
Motto: One Nation
Anthem: Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven
LocationWyoming, United States
and largest city
Baltisk City
Official languagesEnglish (American)
GovernmentProtectorate Republic
• Governor-General
Ava Neasa
• Mayor (Technically)
LegislatureGovernment of Cinnamon Creek
• Census
CurrencyCinnamon Ruble (De Jure)
Imperial Pound (De Jure)
USD (De Facto)
Time zoneUTC -7 (MT)
This nation is an Imperial Protectorate of the Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic.

The Protectorate of Cinnamon Creek, colloquially known as Cinnamon Creek, is a protectorate micronation originally founded on 26 June 2014 in Logan, Utah when the original so-called "Kid United Republic" was developed into the Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek from the United States. It claims two provinces in the United States. It is an Imperial Protectorate of the Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic.


The Protectorate of Cinnamon Creek comes from the Cinnamon Creek river a locally known place popular for camping and outdoor events in the Avon region of northern Utah.


The Early Days:

Former President of KUR, still loved the idea of "Micronationalism" after the "Kid United Republic" was dissolved in 2013. The Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek, was formed by and became De Facto, General-Secretary on 26 June 2014. The Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek, became isolationist temporally, the country expanded until the following 2014-2015 School year with little or none activity.

Socialist Period:

During the "inactive" period, the infamous "Socialist Party of Cinnamon Creek" began to temporally take over as other parties and citizens were inactive due to the school year. They set out to immediately change the democratic republic and set up a socialist/communist styled country. What was left of the D.R.C.C Assembly during the period voted to change many things in the republic. The party began to be unpopular after the Republic Change Act of 2014 was enacted. Citizens demanded that it changed. "The Socialist Period" officially ended on December 2014.

General-Secretary Era:

January 2015 brought the General-Secretary back into activity, the Socialist Period left many remnants of socialism/communism which can still be seen today. General-Secretary asked citizens to try to be more active even though schooling was in the way. Active and citizenships granted in March 2015 rose dramatically.

General-Secretary passed over fifteen laws during that period of time (January–March 2015). The DRCC Assembly voted to change the constitution in July 2015. In August 2015, the economy slowed down to a thirteen percent drop. Companies across the country closed or became dormant. Taxes rose three percent then the zero and five percent tax rate.

Early September 2015, brought new economic choices for the country. Meanwhile on 18 September 2015 General-Secretary admitted to the micronational community as faking everything of his "Kid United Republic" project and promised to be more truthful and open up the country to the community.

In November, the DRCC Timeline was defunct due to bankruptcy, and new replacement will soon follow. December 2015, next year's budget is prepared and taxation starts and will end on the 23rd. Cities across DRCC is renamed, by the "Model Town Act of 2015" which was passed in September but effective by December. General-Secretary Neasa announces a new territory in Wyoming called the Arapahoe Province on 18 December 2015.

On the 19th of February, Paravia sent a gift to DRCC of an official picture for the nation to use as their coat of arms and a new territory has added earlier that day called the Haven Province.


The Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek, is a democratic republic.

The General-Secretary is Head of State and Government, he holds large executive power and legislation while holding small amounts of judiciary powers if necessary.

A daily basis, legislative and executive activity is seen the most with judiciary activity rarely seen unless certain issues arise. The Commissioner is the second in command of the executive branch as well as being the Head Adviser to the DRCC Assembly. He/She as the commissioner will have certain duties, the main duty is to help the General-Secretary run day to day activities. Including be in place for the General-Secretary if he/she is sick, injured, or dead. The "Bureaucratic" Supreme of DRCC is the main part of the executive branch and will advise the General-Secretary and help carry out and protect and enforce laws passed by the General-Secretary or the Assembly.

The DRCC Assembly holds all legislative power in the government. The Assembly is comprised with representatives (Also called "Deputies".) The assembly is well known for its "soviet" style way of government since the "Socialist Period", however the assembly no longer works in a soviet fashion. The judiciary is made up of only two courts, which is the Supreme Court of Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek and Deputy Committee of Justice both handle different cases in type.

Cinnamon Creek has four provinces, all provinces are fully domestic and none are foreign provinces. Provinces have "committees" to act as the local government. Depending on the province and its population the number of committee members elected. All committees directly report to the assembly.

Political Parties

DRCC has a few political parties and movements in the country. Here is a list:

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Once the founding of DRCC, most of the population consisted of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints until 2015 when the Baptist and Atheism religions were introduced to the republic.

A small civil unrest began and then ended and many people began to grow into friendships instead of arguing over religious topics. The Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek's Constitution gives all citizens the right to worship and having protection from persecution.


Most residents of the Protectorate read American newspapers and watch American and British television channels. Which is read by all most all residents in the Wyoming provinces. The Imperial Duchy of Ludenwic's "Ludenwic Gazette" is also a widely read online newspaper.

Monuments and Historic Places

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Law Enforcement and Jurisprudence

Foreign Affairs