Republic of Kobylgrad

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Republic of Kobylgrad
Republika Kobylanki

Coat of arms

Heard of Courage
Capital cityKublank
Largest cityNew World
Official language(s)Polish
Official religion(s)none
- MarshalMichał P.
- Number of seats - 6
EstablishedFebuary 26, 2020
Area claimed11.4 km²
Time zoneGMT +1
National sportFootball
National animalFox

Republic of Kobylgrad – a unitary state, located in Western Pomerania in Poland in four cities: Kobylanka, Niedźwiedź, Reptowo and Motaniec. Republic of Kobylgrad administrative area is 11.4 km².


It is not known what has happened in the territories Republic of Kobylgrad in former years. Known is the history of the village (Motaniec), in which was founded Republic of Kobylgrad. In 1777, the territory of the village Motaniec, arrived colonizers. Responsible for the organization of the colony was Samuel Wilhelm Spalding. Colonization was organized at the initiative of the Prussian King Friedrich II.

King Friedrich II

Initially, the village was inhabited by 71 people. In 1817 in Motaniec was inhabited by 82 people, in 1925 was inhabited by 103 people and in 1939 was inhabited by 137 people.

Establishment of Pavlov

At the beginning of 2011 3 states was created Pavlov, State of Liberty (SL) and State No Name (SNN). A week after the formation of these countries, the SNN became part of the territory of Pavlov. The next day began with a war between the State of Liberty and State of No Name, Pavlov joined forces with SL and a few days later SNN capitulated.

War with Euro

At the beginning of 2012 Pavlov encountered another enemy; Euro. This war was short-lived, SL capitulate, Pavlov and Euro, signed a truce. Years later, in March, "The Principality of Fishing" (sucessor of Euro) fought back with State Fraternal (In June 2012 the name was changed). The war ended with the victory of State Fraternal.

First election

October 19, 2012 it was announced the first free elections. Paul Sadowski won.

First Constitution

In 28 August 2013 Paweł Sadowski announced a new constitution, consisted of 32 points.

War in Newgrad

Main Page: War in Newgrad

28 December 2013 nationalist organization called "RAK" declared war on State Fraternal. The war continues today.

Pro-Bosmansk Militants
FlagFB.png Federation of Bosmansk
Noflag.png Autonomy of Kobylgrad
Noflag.png Republic of Libera
Noflag.png Duchy of Klonowa
Noflag.png Republic of Wensleydale (unofficial)
Noflag.png Socialist Union of Wakatipu
Noflag.png RAK

New name

In July 2014 micronation changed its name with State Fraternal on Federation of Bosmansk.

Not successful upheaval

March 31, 2015 was held August presidential election, Paweł Sadowski decided that he would not run but he supported Connor Watson in the elections. With the support of Paweł Sadowski, Connor Watson won the elections, he had 62.5% (Paweł Sadowski was Prime Minister). 6 May Connor Watson with Pavle Savovic attempted coup in FB changing its name to National Bolshevik Republic of Bosmansk and entering totalitarianism. Paweł Sadowski removed from state by Connor Watson. After more than an hour managed to control the situation and Connor Watson with Pavle Savovic were accused before the Federal Court.


Kobylgrad is situated on Lowland of Szczecin. On the territory of Republic of Kobylgrad is a tributary stream Miedwinka, empties into Lake Miedwie (the fifth largest lake in Poland).


The climate is mostly temperate throughout the country. Summers are generally warm, with average temperatures between 18 and 30 °C (64.4 and 86.0 °F). Winters are rather cold, with average temperatures around 3 °C (37.4 °F). Precipitation falls throughout the year.


Fishes in Lake Jiansk after 2013 died because of the winter. There were fish of the species: carp, tench, perch and roach. In areas waterfront are amphibians species: toad, european tree frog, grass frog, frog water. Can also see reptiles such as: Sand Lizard, Slow worm, grass snake, Smooth snake and the only poisonous snake in the FB, Vipera berus. Widespread species of birds are sparrows. There are also birds such as ducks, starlings, bullfinches, pigeons, ravens, crows, storks. Forests inhabited by mammals such as wild boar, deer, hedgehogs, squirrels, mice, rats, rabbits, foxes. In some populated parts of the Republic of Kobylgrad are economic animals: chickens, cows, horses.


Republic of Kobylgrad is a democracy, with a president as a head of state. In Republic of Kobylgrad is semi-presidential system.

The government structure centers on the Council of Ministers , led by a Prime Minister. The president appoints the cabinet according to the proposals of the prime minister, typically from the majority coalition in the Sejm. The president is elected by popular vote every one year.


Legislative power is unicameral parliament - the Sejm. Elected in parliamentary elections for 4 years. Its main task is lawmaking as well as the ratification of international agreements. Sejm from among its members elect the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker. Speaker of the Sejm is the supreme representative of parliament, chairs the Sejm and represents it outside.

Administrative divisions

Arms Voivodeship Headquartes Area in km² Population The population density per km² Cites Municipalities
none Voivodeship Niedźwiedź New Jian 6,46 1241 192 5 3
none Voivodeship Newkublank Kałęga 2,71 163 60 3 3
none Voivodeship Kublank Lipsk 2,23 1063 477 3 2
Republic of Kobylgrad Kublank 11,4 2467 216 11 8