War in Newgrad

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War in Newgrad
Conflict: War in Newgrad (Newgrad War)
Date: 28 December 2013 - 13 Febuary 2015
Place: Newgrad < State Pavlov < Federation of Bosmansk
Outcome: Win ProBosmansk
FlagFB.png Federation of Bosmansk

Noflag.png Autonomy of Kobylgrad

Noflag.png Republic of Libera

Noflag.png Duchy of Klonowa

Noflag.png Republic of Wensleydale (unofficial)

Noflag.png Socialist Union of Wakatipu

Noflag.png RAK
FlagFB.png Paweł Sadowski

FlagFB.png K.P.

FlagFB.png Ł.Z.

FlagFB.png F.Ożóg

FlagFB.png Michaił


Janusz I Samozwańczy

J. Gawron

Rilgar Ompastre

Campbell Britton

Michał P.


11 soldiers, 5 military bases 2 Soldiers, 2 military bases
0 1 military base

War in Newgrad - the war that took place in the years 2013 - 2015 in the Federation of Bosmansk between nationalist militants and the army FB.

Causes of War

December 28, 2013 militias nationalist (RAK), declared war to FB, militias wanted to secession in Newgrad. Bosmansk's army responded immediately.