Whestcorean Alliance of States, Territories and Entities

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Whestcorean Alliance of States, Territories and Entities
Intermicronational organisation

Headquarters RGS, D.B.

Official languages English, Reveryte

Membership 5 member states

President Horatio Eden
Secretary General Bob Christ
Deputy Secretary General Sam M.
Supreme Justice Guy A.

– Foundation 15 November 2015

- Official currency The Whestcorean Snoop Dollar

The Whestcorean Alliance of States, Territories and Entities (WASTE) is a community/organization of states under the auspices of the Federal Republic of Whestcorea, currently led by Horatio Eden, Mememaster-General. It exists nominally to promote peace, provide for an international judiciary, facilitate projects between member states and eventually create an opt-in fiscal and monetary union between states.


In the light of the creation of the United Micronations (2014) and the United Micronations (2015) as well as the existence of the Nollandish Confederacy and talk of the creation of another micronational organization by Paravia, Horatio Eden didn't want his country to be left behind in the wave of new potential YAMOs. As such, he and his Vice Mememaster-General, Bob Christ, got together and formed the WASTE.

Member states

Application procedure

Prospective members of WASTE must be approved by at least two-thirds of the Security Council as well as achieve a majority vote in favour in the WASTE's Congress. Once this is achieved, they will be allotted seats in the Congress under the following rough formula:

  • More populous nations receive more seats.
  • Nations with better MicroWiki pages receive more seats.
  • Nations with whom Whestcorea is allied or connected to receive more seats.
  • Bribery, while technically against international law, would not go amiss.


As the organization is still being populated, there are as yet no active projects going on in the WASTE.