Cowdery Young

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His Excellency
Cowdery H. Young
President of the Commonwealth of Deseret, Lieutenant-General of the Deseret Legion
1st President of Deseret
Assumed office
December 23, 2012
Sovereign Sariah Thomson (2012–2016)
Cowdery Young (2016–2017)
Predecessor Office Established
2nd Sovereign of Deseret
In office
May 15, 2016 - June 1, 2017
Predecessor Sariah Thomson
Successor Office Abolished
Personal information
Born 15 May 1996 (1996-05-15) (age 27)
Wasatch County, Utah
Citizenship Deseretan
Nationality American
Residence Preparation, Deseret
Religion Mormonism

Cowdery H. Young (born May 15, 1996) is one of the founders of the Commonwealth of Deseret. Since December 23, 2012, he has acted as Deseret's president and head of government. Initially, he served at the leisure of the sovereign, Sariah Thomson, alias Queen Utahna; during the Reformation of 2016-17, however, Young himself assumed Thomson's position as head of state.