Maharaja Mohak I

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His Royal Majesty, The Right Honorable
Maharaja Mohak
The name of Maharaja Mohak written in Gallifreyan
Maharaja of Vyomania
Reign 3 June 2020-present
Coronation 3 June 2020
Regent none
Born 3 June 2006 (2006-06-03) (age 15)
Dynasty Imperial House of Vyomania
Religion Hindu-Vyomanist
Residence Agartha

Maharaja Mohak I (born 03 June 2006) is an Indian micronationalist. He is one of the founders and the current monarch of the Empire of Vyomania. He has also helped and been involved in other micronational projects and organizations. Maharaja Mohak has also tried to build a Technocratic nation and fought against discrimination. He fought against discrimination and also took part in Fridays for Future strikes in India and campaigned against EIA Draft proposed by the Indian government. He is also typically Vyomania's sole representative in the media.

Early life

Mohak was born and raised in the state of Maharashtra, India. He was born to a secular Hindu family.

Views and opinions

Mohak is non-partisan and made the elections of Vyomania non-partisan.

He is interested in Human psychology and in Humanity's future. He is positive about Humanity's future and doesn't like the 'Humanity will end someday' idea, and believes that Humanity will develop and become a powerful species. He believes that Artificial Intelligence is good if used in the right way. He said, "Its not whether AI is good or bad, its about how we use it. It will either become a problem or a solution." He's also in favour of Biotechnology and Human enhancement.

He also thinks that Indian education can and should become better.





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