Vyomania! (documentary)

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This page is about Vyomania documentary. For Vyomania nation, see Empire of Vyomania

Vyomania! documentary official poster
Movie poster
Genre Documentary
Country of origin Empire of Vyomania
Original language Hindi
Directed by Lord Aditya
Written by Lord Aditya, Mohak
Production company Vyomanian Broadcasting Company
Distributed by Vyomanian Broadcasting Company

Vyomania! is an upcoming Vyomanian documentary film about Vyomania. It is produced and will be distributed by the VBC. It will be published on the VBC channel. The film begins with Mohak who is asked questions about his nation and he starts telling about Vyomania's journey, how Vyomania was created, the laws of Vyomania and the steps taken by Vyomania to protect the environment. Mohak also tells how anyone who is honest and good can become a citizen of Vyomania.