Vyomanian Broadcasting Company

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Vyomanian Broadcasting Company
VBC Logo
Type Public Broadcaster
Country Empire of Vyomania
Headquarters Agartha
Established 28 March 2021
Youtube channel VBC channel
Official website Official site

The Vyomanian Broadcasting Company is the national broadcaster of the Empire of Vyomania. It is the most prominent provider of educational television programming to web series in Vyomania. VBC publishes films and web series made on its YouTube channel.


Just like many other macronations, Vyomania needed its own national broadcaster. The idea for a national broadcaster was in minds of leaders since the foundation of Vyomania. And on the birthdate of Rajkumari Mansi, 28 march 2021, VBC was established.



VBC is also part of Maharaja Mohak's Science education program. Maharaja Mohak wanted to start a science education program to educate the public so that people will be able to tell difference between science and pseudoscience and help create a scientific society. VBC has started a breakfast television program called Good Morning Vyomania!.


Vyomanian Broadcasting Company is currently working on Vyomania!, a documentary film on Vyomania and the journey of Vyomania.


The VBC's online presence includes The Vyomanian Times, an official news website of the Empire of Vyomania.