Vyomanian Constitution

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Constitution of the Empire of Vyomania
The preamble of Constitution of Vyomania
Jurisdiction Vyomania
Author(s) Parliament of Vyomania

The Constitution of Vyomania (Vyomani: 𑂫𑂨𑂷𑂧𑂢𑂲𑂮𑂟𑂰𑂢𑂲 𑂮𑂁𑂱𑂫𑂡𑂰𑂢, Hindi: व्योमणीस्थानी संविधान ) is the fundamental law of the Empire of Vyomania. The document lays down the framework that demarcates the structure, powers, and duties of government institutions and sets out fundamental rights. The constitution divided the government of Vyomania into three pillars- the three pillars of democracy- Legislative, Executive and Judiciary.


The constitution has an edict, a preamble and grouped articles. The constitution divided the government of Vyomania into Legislative, Executive and Judiciary, the three pillars of democracy. The executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government receive their power from the constitution and are bound by it. The Parliament is two chambers legislate. The Constitution of Vyomania signed by Maharaja Mohak and Ministers of State.


The constitution starts with an edict made by the Maharaja. It has Maharaja's signature on it. The edict states:

I am happy that the foundation for the construction of Vyomania has been done according to the will of the awesome Vyomanian people, and hereby sanction the amendments of the Royal Vyomanian Constitution.


The preamble looks just like India's preamble. The constitution contains a firm declaration of the principle of popular sovereignty in the preamble. This is proclaimed in the name of the "Vyomanians". It begins with "We, the people of Vyomania, having..."


Vyomanian constitution tells how elections are to be conducted, fundamental laws of people, rights, and also how information technology should be used in governance processes.