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Union Territory of Swatantra
Union Territory of the Empire of Vyomania
National dish of Vyomania: Vada Pao
National dish of Vyomania: Vada Pao
धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः
Dharma saves its saviour
Established12 August 2020
 • Maharaja of VyomaniaMohak
 • Total1

The Union Territory of Swatantra is a union territory in the Empire of Vyomania which is located in Maharashtra.


The territorial name: स्वतंत्र/Swatantra means freedom in Hindi and Vyomani


The territory was controlled by Maharashtra government before Empire of Vyomania started claiming it. The union territory was established on 12 Aug 2020.


As Swatantra is currently a union territory of Vyomania, it is administered directly by the Government of Vyomania and does not have a town council. It is directly controlled by Central government of Vyomania and also does not gain any delegation status in the House of the People.

Geography and climate

The territory is located in Maharashtra and receives moderate temperatures.

In the summertime, it could reach about 35-38 °C. In the wintertime, temperatures could reach below 22 °C and sometimes at 21 °C. As for precipitation, it can reach from 229.5mm to 135.6mm per month.
Average temperature of Swatantra.png
source=World Weather Online


Due to its location in India, the culture of Swatantra is really similar.


Vada Pav.jpg
Vada Pao are commonly eaten in Swatantra
Typical food and dishes in Swatantra include: