Vyomanian culture

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Vyomania microball

Vyomanian culture is based around Indian, Pakistani, and other Asian cultures. Many aspects of Vyomanian culture originate from Indian, Pakistani, and other Asian cultures as everything Asian is beautiful. After all, Vyomania was created to unite Asian people to fight racism and discrimination against them. This article details Vyomanian culture.




Vyomanian clothing is based on Indian and Cambodian clothing.

Naming practices

No surnames are used by people who aren't natives, in Vyomania. Only native Vyomania can have surnames (to resolve the confusion caused by surnames).


There are many religions in Vyomania like Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism, but Vyomania has its own religion- Vyomanism. Vyomanism forms the majority of Vyomania. It borrows stories from Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and other Asian religions but also has many original mythological stories.


Esperanto is a language meant for communication between people from different countries, but its mostly based on European languages. Vyomani language was created by Maharaja Mohak I and is meant for communication between people from different Asian nations who do not share a common first language. It is made from words taken from widely spoken Asian languages. It is the official language of the Vyomania.

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