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Vyomania microball in India

Vyomanian culture is the heritage of ethical values, customs, and beliefs that originated in the Empire of Vyomania. The culture of Vyomania absorbs influences from India, Asia and other regions of the world. Many aspects of Vyomanian culture originate from Indian culture. This article details Vyomanian culture.

'The people who die are us' poem


The cover page of parvati patil and the divination prophecy

Vyomanians speak many languages like Hindi, English and Vyomani.


Fan fiction

Mohak and Krishna are writing a fanfic about a Harry Potter character, Parvati Patil, an Hogwarts student of Indian descent. The fanfic also explores her backstory.


Vyomani language is the national and primary language of Vyomania. It was created by Maharaja Mohak I. It is made from words taken from widely spoken Indian and Asian languages. It is the official language of the Vyomania.


Vyomania has its own poetry genre, called Deun Poetry.
"The people who die are us" is an example of Deun poem that was written by Maharaja Mohak I.



Majority of Vyomanists are Hindus. It is an Indian-origin religion based on the concepts of 'dharma', 'karma', and 'ekam'. 'Ahimsa', the philosophy of nonviolence, is an important aspect of native Indian faiths whose most well known proponent was Mahatma Gandhi.


Vyomania also has its own calendar that is used as a cultural artifact. Vyomanians use the Metric system as it is more scientific than the Imperial system, but there are some extra units of measurement.


Greetings in Vyomania include Aiya (Vyomani), Namaste (Hindi), Namaskaar (Marathi, Aadab (Urdu), Sat Shri Akal (Punjabi), etc. These are spoken when people meet and are forms of farewell when they depart.


Vyomanian clothing


Vyomanian clothing is based on Indian and Cambodian clothing. Gagra choli and shalwar kameez are worn by women in Vyomania. Sherwani and churidar have become a common clothing in Vyomania.

Naming practices

Last names are used but aren't valued much in Vyomania.


Sports and Martial arts

Cricket, Tsu chuto, and KTM are the country's most popular sports. KTM is national sport of Vyomania. Martial art 'Vyelutsu' is also played in Vyomania.

Urban legend games

'Crying Specter, Are You There?' is the Vyomanian version of the Charlie Charlie game, in which, the ghost 'Crying Specter' answers the questions instead of Charlie.

Tabletop games

Tabletop games like Galactic Battlefield, Chess, and Carrom are really popular in Vyomania.


National dish of Vyomania: Vada Pao

Typical food and dishes in Vyomania include:

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