Vyomanian Hindi

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Vyomanian Hindi

Spoken inVyomania
Total speakersunknown
Writing system(s)Kaithi, Devanagari
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Vyomanian Hindi is an Indo-Aryan language, which is the dialect of Hindi. Vyomanian Hindi is one of the primary languages of the Empire of Vyomania.

Name and Classification

The term 'Vyomanian Hindi' is derived from Vyomania. Vyomanian Hindi is a Western Indo-Aryan language.


The phonology of Vyomanian Hindi is similar to the languages which are counted as Hindi dialects. The grammar of Vyomanian Hindi is more simple than other Hindi dialects. The adjectives of nouns do not change with genders. Plurals in Vyomanian Hindi are made by adding either the suffix -na or ni with the nouns or adding the multitudes such as lōg (people). Example:

Vyomanian English Vyomanian Hindi
Singular Scientist 𑂮𑂰𑂅𑂁𑂗𑂲𑂮𑂗 or साईनटिस्ट
Plural Scientists 𑂮𑂰𑂅𑂁𑂗𑂲𑂮𑂗 𑂪𑂷𑂏 or साईनटिस्ट लोग

Writing system

Vyomanian Hindi was historically written in Devanagari script but since Kaithi script looks a lot cooler than Devanagari script, Kaithi script is used as the writing system for Vyomanian Hindi.

Vocab and Grammar

Vyomanian Hindi vocab is similar to Hindi, Marathi and English vocabulary and also a bit based on English. The grammar is similar to Bhojpuri and English. These are some words in Vyomanian hindi

𑂮𑂰𑂅𑂁𑂗𑂲𑂮𑂗 or साईनटिस्ट: Scientist

𑂞𑂩𑂲𑂍𑂷𑂢 or त्रिकोण: Triangle