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ISO 4217
User(s) Empire of Vyomania
Central bankBank of Vyomania

The Suryom (☼) is the official currency of the Empire of Vyomania. It is stored at the Bank of Vyomania. To keep its value competent, the Suryom is equal to 1 INR. Maharaja Mohak was tech-savvy enough to create a Suryom wallet app but it is only available for Vyomanian residents. Symbol for Suryom is ☼ and the digital currency will be available on this website in the future for non-residents.
Since it is a digital currency, its easier to make personalized insurance plans. It can't be stolen (but it can be hacked) so its safer than traditional currency. Just like other micronational currencies, not much can be bought with Suryom.

1 Suryom = 1 INR.

Software Implementation

Suryom Core
Software developer Maharaja Mohak I
Operating system Windows
Website Official website

Suryom Core (or Suryom client) is software that can be used for making transactions. The software was published by Maharaja Mohak under the name, "Suryom Core". It is currently in beta phase.

The transactions can be done using Suryom Core more easily. The client makes it easier to take loans.

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