Bank of Vyomania

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Bank of Vyomania
Founded10 June 2020
Founder Mohak I of Vyomania
Area served
ServicesRetail Banking,
Microfinance (Microloans and Microinsurance)
OwnerParliament of Vyomania
Number of employees
WebsiteOfficial website

The Bank of Vyomania serves as the central bank of the Empire of Vyomania. It is owned and controlled by the Parliament of Vyomania. The founder of the Bank is the Monarch of Vyomania: Maharaja Mohak I. The bank is managed by the chancellor.

Founding of the Bank


The bank was founded in 2020 in the Empire of Vyomania.

Latest developments

The Bank of Vyomania will be assisting people by giving loans and insurance.

Economy of Vyomania

The Central Bank of Vyomania stores Suryom (☼), the official currency of Vyomania. Suryom can only be used in the Empire of Vyomania, but can be changed to other currencies of UN-identified nations. The Indian rupee is also used in Vyomania. The bank will kick-start the economy of Vyomania.

Work of the Bank

The duty of the Bank of Vyomania is
☼ To observe the economy of Vyomania
☼ To distribute the Suryom
☼ To sell the digital currency to citizens
☼ To manage the royal treasury of Vyomania
☼ To manage financial matters of Parliament and its Ministries


People can also buy anything on credit. People can now borrow money from the bank and pay the money back later with interest. This is just like using a credit card.

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