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Symbol of the Vyomani language

'Vyomani' written in Vyomnagari

Created byMaharaja Mohak of Vyomania
Spoken inVyomania
Total speakersunknown
Writing system(s)Vyomnagari script
TypeConstructed language

Vyomani was a constructed language which was the official language of the Empire of Vyomania. It was designed by Maharaja Mohak I and was made from words taken from widely spoken Asian languages.


'Vyomani' written in Ancient Vyomani script

the ancient vyomani script

Vyomani language was created by Maharaja Mohak I for use within the Empire of Vyomania. Vyomani used a different script before the Modern Vyomani era. Ancient Vyomani, as it is now called, used the Ancient Vyomani script. The swar in Vyomani were (a,e,i,o,u,y) and vyanjan were .


The script used in the modern Vyomani was Vyomnagari, which was similar to Kaithi script. Vyomani can be written both vertically and horizontally. To read Vyomani written vertically, columns should be read from top to bottom starting from left side of the page. Vyomani was mostly written horizontally like Devanagari from left to right. When written horizontally, there is space between words but when written vertically, there is space between words but also columns.


The Vyomani vowels (swar) are 𑂃, 𑂄, 𑂅, 𑂆, 𑂇, 𑂈, 𑂉, 𑂊, 𑂋, 𑂌, 𑂃𑂀, 𑂃𑂁, 𑂃𑂂 and 𑂨. Consonants are called vyanjan in Vyomani. The Vyomani grammar is really similar to Hindi and English grammar. The Vyomani grammar is really similar to Hindi and English grammar. Vyomani is essentially a subject-final (OVS) language, with relatively free word order since in most cases postpositions mark quite explicitly the relationships of noun phrases with other constituents of the sentence.


The Vyomani vocabulary had more than 100 words. New words could be created by people by joining existing words. For example:-

Yb: night
Brig: food

Dinner is night food, so yb + brig = ybrig
𑂨𑂱𑂥𑂩𑂱𑂏 (Ybrig): dinner

Names of Numbers

Vyomani language numbers are given in the table below

International notation Western numbers Vyomani notation Vyomani numbers
1 One En
2 Two Deun
3 Three Trin
4 Four Quar
5 Five Pent
6 Six Heksa
7 Seven Septah
8 Eight Ashta
9 Nine Neu
10 Ten १० Deah

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