Empire of Vyomania

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Empire of Vyomania

Flag of Vyomania.jpg
Coat of Arms of Vyomania.png
Coat of Arms

बलस्य मूलं विज्ञानम् , यतो धर्मस्ततो जयः
Knowledge is power and Dharma wins
Anthem of Vyomania
South Asia
Capital cityAgartha
Official language(s)

Vyomani, Hindi
Official religion(s)no official religion
Vyomanism (52.94%)
Hindu (41.17%)
Islam (5.89%)
GovernmentUnitary constitutional monarchy
- MaharajaMohak I
- VizierArmaan
LegislatureParliament of Vyomania
Established3 Jun 2020
Vyomania is 1 year,  1 month, 26 days old
National gameNational games of Vyomania
- Board GameGalactic Battlefield
- National SportBrahmarakshas target
Official metrics
 - Calendar
 - Measurement
Vyomanian calendar
Vyomanian units of measurement
National animalVyomwing
National birdPeregrine falcon
National DinosaurRajasaurus
National flowerJarul

Official Website

The Empire of Vyomania (Hindi: व्योमणीस्थान राज्य, Vyomani: 𑂥𑂨𑂷𑂧𑂢𑂲𑂮𑂟𑂰𑂢) is a self-declared independent state, identified as a micronation by external observers. Vyomania is one of the newest Internet-based micronations and also one of the newest micronations in the Republic of India. The capital of Vyomania is Agartha. व्योम/Vyom is a sanskrit word for sky, but in Vyomani language, vyom means space.


Pre-Vyomanian History

Before the Empire of Vyomania came about, the mainland of Vyomania was controlled by India. Maharaja Mohak wanted a nation based on Gandhian philosophy, a nation with a government that uses Science and Technology to develop while simultaneously learning the secrets of the ancient world and preserving the good ancient ideas, and on 03 Jun 2020, declared independence as The Empire of Vyomania.

Foundation of a new empire

The Empire of Vyomania was founded on 3 Jun 2020. After the enactment of the new Constitution, things began to go by smoothly in Vyomania. Vyomania is situated in India.


The Empire is a unitary constitutional monarchy. The Maharaja (King) is head of state. A Vizier (head of government) is elected. Some of the decisions are taken by computers which make Vyomania a bit e-democratic. Only people with scientific knowledge and skills can become candidates in elections. There are many prohibitions in Vyomania, like, you are not allowed to throw trash in nature or you are not allowed to cut a tree or plant if you have not planted it, Exhaust gas-producing vehicles are banned. If you do not follow these rules, there are fines and you will be removed from the official Discord server and in some cases, citizenship can be taken away. Every Vyomanian resident has to make Ecosia the default search engine in all browsers on all devices except on Mobiles. Vyomanian government gives residents universal basic income who are not employed or earn less due to the rise of automation.



The Empire of Vyomania's official currency is the Suryom which is a digital currency, and it’s usable only in Vyomanian territory. The Suryom is a digital currency. Sometimes Indian rupee is also used in transactions. Suryom is managed by the Bank of Vyomania.

Official metrics


Measurement system

Vyomania follows the metric system and also has its own units of measurement.

Foreign relations

Countries Vyomania recognises unilaterally

The Empire of Vyomania has tried to start diplomatic relations with many nations, some of the most important countries that Vyomanian currently recognises are the India, China, Cambodia. Vyomania is not currently recognized by any UN states, but Vyomania identifies many UN-identified nations.

The foreign relations and affairs of Vyomania is run by the Vyomanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This includes: creating diplomatic ties between Vyomanian and a foreign nation, ending diplomatic ties with a foreign nation, managing the foreign policy of Vyomania, and organizing meetings and summits with other nations, all of these decisions must also have approval by the Monarchs of Vyomania before they are put into practice, the Monarchs of Vyomania may also make the same decisions without the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Vyomania doesn't recognize many micronations because Vyomanians believe in developing on their own and because "many micronations are just made as a joke".

Science and Technology

Vyomania has a space research organization named SARA. Maharaja Mohak aims to start a Science education program that will teach people about how the world works so that people will be able to tell difference between science and pseudoscience and help create a scientific society. He started Vyomanian Broadcasting Company and is going to make TV shows about Science.

Culture of Vyomania

Vyomani Mata, the national personification of Vyomania

As Vyomania is situated in the Indian subcontinent, the Vyomanian culture is based around Indian culture.

Vyomania microball

Many aspects of Vyomanian culture originate from Indian culture, but also from Asian culture.


There are religions in Vyomania like Hinduism and Islam. Vyomanism forms the majority of Vyomania. It borrows stories from Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and other Asian religions but also has many original mythological stories.


Vyomani language was created by Maharaja Mohak I. It is the official language of Vyomania. It is made from words taken from widely spoken Asian languages and original stuff.


Vyomanians mostly depend on news sources from India or neighbouring countries. Vyomania boasts its own public broadcaster. Vyomanian Broadcasting Company is the national broadcaster of Vyomania which was founded on 28 march 2021. VBC also runs a newspaper named The Vyomanian Times.

National Holidays

National Holidays are special dates that are significant to Vyomanian history and Vyomanian culture.

Holiday Date Meaning
Shivaji day 19 Feb The birthdate of Chatrapati Shivaji, the king who built a secular and stable Empire- the Maratha Empire.
Maharashtra day 1 May The beginning of the summer holidays
Vyomania day 3 June The day Vyomania gained Independence from India
Independence day 15 August To celebrate the independence of India from British
Gandhi Jayanti 2 October To mark the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, who tried to unite Indians and the British raj feared him
Its New-year day 31 December A day to have fun and relax

Administrative regions

Vyomania is divided into Provinces, Cities, Towns, and Union Territories. A city has a population bigger than 10, a Town has a population below 10. A Union Territory is a territory directly administered by Parliament. Cities are administered by a City Council with a Mayor "Lord Mayor" leading it. A Town is controlled by a Mayor with no council. The elections are non-partisan.

Vyomania currently has two established Cities, Agartha and Ketumati, a town named Awadhpur and one Union Territory, Swatantra.