Education in Vyomania

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The logo of Vyomanian Ministry of Education

Education is an important part of any nation. Education is compulsory in Vyomania. On completion of courses on Edtech and M-learning apps like BYJU'S and Khan Academy, Vyomanian Ministry of Education gives Certificates of Education.


The following subjects are taught in school:

  • Mathematics
  • Science-
    • Biology
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
  • English
  • Hindi/Marathi (students have to choose between these two language subjects)
  • Social Sciences-
    • Economics
    • Politics
    • Geography
    • History
  • Computer science
  • Vyomania languages (students have to choose one from these three language subjects)
    • Vyomani
    • Vyomanian Hindi
    • Vyomanian English

Vyomanian ministry of education has made an app for teaching these subjects. Students have to choose which of the three Vyomanian language subjects they want to study. Vyomanian Periodic Table is used instead of traditional Periodic Table.

Vyomanist education

Online school set up by Vyomanist institution teaches Magic or maya. It allows students of other religions to learn magic as well. Graduates are certified as Mayavich (females) or Mayavin(males).


Students have to give examinations of the Vyomanian language they chose, in October.