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Script type Abugida
Direction left to right
Languages Vyomani, Vyomanian Hindi, Hindi
Similar script systems Kaithi, Devnagari

Vyomnagari is a left-to-right script used in the Indian subcontinent. It is being developed by Maharaja Mohak.


Vyomnagari or 𑂥𑂨𑂷𑂧𑂢𑂰𑂏𑂩𑂲 is a compound of "vyom" 𑂥𑂨𑂷𑂧 and "nagari" 𑂢𑂰𑂏𑂩𑂲. It is also called Vyomnagari lipi, lipi means script.


Vyomnagari has changed a lot. Vyomnagari is being developed by Maharaja Mohak and is adopted in many languages like Vyomani, Vyomanian Hindi and Hindi.


Unlike the Latin alphabet, the script has no concept of letter case.The letter order in Vyomnagari, like Devnagari script, is based on phonetic principles and this arrangement is usually referred to as the varnamalā "garland of letters". Several diacritics are used to change the meaning of letters.