Great Shatidom of Aulpannian nation

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Aulpannian Shatidom
Shatidom Lolpanen
Flag of Great Shatidom of Aulpannian nation
Coat of arms of Great Shatidom of Aulpannian nation
Coat of arms
Motto: Of the people, by the people, for the people
Official languagesAulpannian
Other languagesLatin
GovernmentTotalitary Shatidom
• Shatidan
Sebastien Karchovok
LegislaturePeople Assembly
13 July 2021
• Estimate
GDP (nominal)2023 estimate
• Total
HDI (2022)0.801
very high
Calling code+33

The Great Shatidom of Aulpannian Nation (or Aulpannian Shatidom) is a micronation under the regime of a society based on assimilation, shatidom was located between the municipalities of Saint-étienne de Chingy and Luynes. The Shatidom of Aulpannian Nation is nowadays undergoes major changes, especially in terms of territory

NOTE : the Shatidom of Aulpanne is under major changes, an ongoing major event is mentionned in this page. By consequences, the page will gradually change the next days


Nauru is the ancestor of Aulpanne, born on February 21, 2021 on a Discord during it's first months, Nauru experimented diplomacy with "servers", This is a period called "The Micronational Roleplay" because Nauru does not enter in the Montevideo criteria to be a Nation

30 April 2021

In April 2021, Nauru transforms into the "Aulpannian Republican Empire", the country is changing and we prepare her to become a true micronation with a territory. The same months, a group of raidors are raiding Aulpanne, the population fall from 13 to 3 citizen

The flag overthere is the flag that had united the Aulpannian during the longuest war of their history (8 months). After 8 days, the 7 may 2021, Aulpanne recovered, the population is now 9 citizens. The 14 July 2021, Aulpanne's logic will be revenge, the population continue to change and go from 9 to 17 in June. The 14 July 2021, Aulpanne took his revange, the server of the Aulpannian's people ennemy is raided robbed. Aulpanne have now two servers

Proclamation of Shatidom

On July 13, 2021, The Aulpannian change from the Republic to the Shatidom by a vote. The same week they discover their territory, were they'll growth, The period of Micronational Roleplay is over. in the same month Aulpanne meet a lot of other micronation as Fiera, which was at war against Bordan at it's era. In September Brestand is fonded by Thermidor, which was an former citizen of Aulpanne. Aulpanne engage in war against Bordan the 1st october and against Alphain the 6th. Aulpanne participed to 3 wars against Alphain. in November Aulpanne had a lot of enemy, and was pretty alone. Isolated everywhere, she get attacked by a Brestanian Communist, which have created a communist state. We Call it the Two Aulpanne phase, which end up the 26 December 2021 because of the strong Shatidomist Resistance.

in the same time period, Aulpanne had a territory and a discord server, the territory started to develop by discovering fire firstly, the 18 July 2021, and the iron the 23 july, the first true home was created on 25 july and the assembly the 15 September. the 27 December 2021 Inochandess left the Aulpannian governement and let Sebastian Karchevok rulling the country.


in January Sebastien Karchevok took the power by being electing, he's still ruling today. The territory is moving from 1.7km² to 6.5km², we call this, the territory conquest, the population also increase, from 24 to some 230 citizens, in majority christians. The territorial conquest was a peacefull conquest in which we had just ask if they want to become citizen, and around the some 230 people's we asked, over 110 accepted.

In the same month, we started to form a new governement, in which the older citizens are in, to teach the new one, how to adapt to their new country. The teaching are like "how to cut an tree" or "how to do the diners". So the first diners in which we were united was in February 2022. By the way, a new assemblies is constructed, in which there are more sit, but the new assembly partiularity is that a lot of people can't have sit so they're just standing.

New law to adapt with the new population is voted, like "the Shatidom is Catholics, and have to help catholics over the world" or some verse of Bible in the constitution.

One going event

Aulpannie's territory have been discovered on June 2021, Inochandess, the leader of former Aulpanne decided to create the Aulpannian Shatidom on this. To have citizen, Aulpanne decided to help homeless. In February 2022, the "territorial conquest" happened, and the population goes from 24 to some 300, with those 300 inhabitants, there was 40% who considerate himself as Aulpannian. And, with times, the populations and the numbers of inhabitants continue to growth. But there was a problem about economy, who could bring the Aulpannian population to his loss, so we had no other choices than leaving our territory. Nowadays, we're leaving our territory to go outside and find a new place to make our country.

Coat of Arms

The symbol of Aulpanne also contains the representation of Shatidom, the meaning of this symbol is diverse, first of all there are 42 grains at the edge of the wheat plant, the number 42 is universally used to give logic to

like a scientific formula that we don't understand, scientific formula, with more than a trillion variety and bad luck so that it leads to an error, 42 to simplify, the inexplicable, next to it there are 4 stars

Coat of Arms Of Aulpanne
Coat of Arms Of Aulpanne

Yellow placed perfectly from the eagle's head, to the eagle's foot, from the lion's head, to the lion's foot, meaning that whatever your species, your races, whether you are human, or eagle, the only thing that we know about everyone is that they have the same origin of life, the two stars located at the foot of the two animals, fixed the number 15, on each of their sides,

15 is an angelic number the number of the love of the gods, it is 15, a number defining that every man here on earth is born from a mother, from a mother, which is an infinite cycle, but you necessarily need an external power to be born, you are not born of yourself, The number 15 and Aulpanne are two of the same thought, that of the fact that logic is not necessarily common to all, just as ethics is not not the equal of the law, the red star, like the shatidom star of honor from the bottom to the top on the two extreme signs that every human, regardless of the idea, must love each other and make peace, an idea is negotiated, the history of the world shows the importance of listening, because the story of a villain is that of a person who has not found enough comfort.

Related to Aulpanne

Aulpanne has several cities, and these cities are supplied with food, bread, wine, and water. Every day, a large meal is organized at 9 pm

In the more developed city Pierelo the vast majority of the time what is sent to this city is what is in stock in Niecco, Genchail and Paltombe, but everything is well preserved with several hundred liters of salt, ice , all the stocks are moreover in the 13 large caves which are distributed over the territory, everything is calculated carefully with a report which has been established on the calories that all the cumulative Aulpanniens need, there remains therefore At each meal very little, what remains is often resold (and not redistributed to the Aulpannians)

The life of the Aulpanniens normally depends on the seasons, in Winters the Aulpanniens stay rather in the forest in Rispalo, a city which is designed for the dwelling and the festivals (even in rainy weather) while in summer the meals are rather To Pierelo

For the working days, they are not well loaded in order to guarantee that a majority of Aulpannians are able to access the debate sessions of the popular assembly, a normal working day for an Aulpannian is 4 Ã 5 hours, they have the right to choose when they want to go to work, this is a great advantage especially in winter and especially for farmers

Domestic policy

The flag of Aulpanne is the one on the right, it was democratically elected by the Aulpannians on July 14, 2021

The leader of the shatidom is called the "Shatidan" he has a minor role in internal politic

The Prime Minister is the first adviser of the Shatidan, he is also the internal leader of the shatidom

The mandate of a Prime Minister and a Shatidan are fixed at 3 years

Aulpanne is led by an assembly of the people, all Aulpanniens are invited to debate and propose ideas for Aulpanne which will be debated

Borders are permanently guarded by volunteers

Assos Politics

Aulpanne has 5 Assos Politics, 1 of which cannot be deleted,

The Shatidomist Party (the one that is not possible to delete)

The Imperial Shatidomist Party

The Environmental party

The Socialist party

The Republican party



Aulpanne has several holy days (national saint-jours) in the year, here;

Holy Days/saint-jours
Name Date Notes
April 30 Allies 30 April The Republican empire of Aulpanne have been attacked, all is destructed, the population is greatly reduced
Imperial Restoration Day 8 May The day when Aulpanne recovers from the attack and empire and puts back in place
Defender of motherland June 5 It is a day when the Aulpanniens have all the rights, the crimes are not promulgated but if a case is brought to justice on that day, it cannot take place
Victory day June 15 the Aulpannians celebrate their victory over their ancient enemies, one of the most important days for the Aulpannians
Music day June 21 Celebration of Music
Aulpannian People day July 11 to july 13 Day of Shatidom Proclamation, THE most important date in Aulpanne victory
National Day July 14 July 14 was chosen to celebrate the "yellows" (the shatidomists and the flag)
Territory first July 30 Day chosen to celebrate the first territorial government of Aulpanne represented by a flag on Aulpannian soil (flag which is still present today)
sentimental rights day October 20 Sentimental rights day, the only day of the year when no one eats Aulpanne, tradition has it that Aulpanniens prepare a big meal to lend it tomorrow
Autosuffisance day November 3 it's a day when the Aulpannians all give themselves to each other, he shares everything, the Aulpannians are forced to accept someone when he knocks on their door, they can't refuse anything
Christmas Day December 25 Traditional commemoration of the birth of Jesus.
New Year's Eve December 31 The final day of the Gregorian year; Saint Sylvester's Day.

Official language

The Aulpannians are bilingual, sometimes even trilingual. They speak French as their mother tongue and also speak English. In recent times, Aulpannian has been taught in schools and the learning is constantly evolving


Aulpanne is an autonomous nation that knows how to manage its own needs. Each year, less than 4% of its GDP is allocated to external expenses. These "external expenses" include the purchase of PVC, glass, metal, or other similar items. During military service, Aulpannians learn how to build a bridge or survive when there is nothing to eat


Aulpanne has opened a multi-functional school where children between the ages of 7 and 16 are being educated since January 2023. There are several age groups, with children from 7 to 12 studying the same subjects, such as history, Aulpannian, French, Russian, English, math, physical science, and Earth and Culture Education (ETC). There are also sports activities, such as ball under the bell or even Polish dance.

From 13 to 16 years old, they study the same subjects, but new ones are added, such as agricultural culture, civic and moral development (DCM), social philosophy, and political courses are also organized.

The new aspect is political participation, as young men have the right to participate in the popular assembly from the age of 14. Therefore, there are 4 to 5 debate sessions organized each year.

It is also at the age of 14 that young men have a duty to perform 5 years of military service, but the military service is very different and is done in two stages: from 14 to 16 years old, and from 17 to 19 years old. The first stage is more educational and academic, and it is during this stage that they will travel using horses and their own legs.


Under a study and a population census carried out in June 2023, the Aulpannian population mainly uses walking and public transport to move around, public transport is mostly carts pushed by horses, motorized vehicles (non-polluting) are also used as public transport. But the most classic means of disintegration in Aulpannement is especially the cart

public transport foreign lines

There is a bus line that passes through Aulpanne, this line specifically has a specific pass allowing it and these passengers to cross Aulpanne, under certain internal rules.

Foreign relations

Territories recognized as Sovereign and Independent by Aulpanne

Territories with mutual recognition relations with Aulpanne

National Sport

Aulpanne has two national sports, among these there is one called la diesse, a sport or rather a fun at the national level, the game consists of shooting at a specific point at several

hundred to put with a mythical weapon called in Aulpanne, the artisanal rifle, this artisanal rifle even if it does not look like, has the aim of shooting far, the man shooting the most precisely wins the game, the devoted population in the art of war, the record is now established at 193 puts and a red scors, the red scord being the second smallest point, for the moment the sport is not structured, there is no no local team there is nothing, it's just a hobby to do in the summer, generally the practitioners of this sport are men over 40, young people under 25 need a license and a white file in the psychatrie

the photo being shown on the side is not contractual


The official religion of Aulpanne is Catholicism, religious freedom is very conservative, but is allowed, particular attention is addressed especially to Islam and Protestantism which are prohibited from becoming a political party, a cause or to be otherwise. Beyond 7% of the population, what is not considered assimilate to the nation is refused, the subject is especially turned towards the prayers of streets, a thing which is particularly disturbing for the Catholic majority, however, although all that be supervised, foreign religions are accepted, but must remain discreet and not disturb the local authority.

National dish

The national dish of Aulpanne is the cheese pancake, it includes a lot of food considered traditional, it is often eaten in winter with a cup of milk and cheese, it is also logical in Aulpanne to put milk and cheese inside, however, so as not to spoil the sumptuous taste of the pancake, a lot of sweet food is added inside, such as Camargue flower or salted butter caramel, this dish in addition to having all the qualities of a good dish does not cost much, less than $660 for 417 citizens.

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