Free Republic of Libernesia

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Free Republic of Libernesia
Flag of Libernesia
Coat of arms of Libernesia
Coat of arms
Motto: "Free the People!"
Anthem: Hall of Fame
Territory of Libernesia
Territory of Libernesia
Official languagesEnglish (for all legal documents)
Recognised national languagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional republic
• Established
20 July 2022
• Total
0.1 km2 (0.039 sq mi)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright

The Free Republic of Libernesia, more commonly known as Libernesia, is a micronation claiming an uninhabited parcel of land on the western bank of the Danube, between Croatia and Serbia. It was proclaimed on July 20, 2022 by a Romanian entrepreneur.

Libernesia is founded on principles of liberty and in favor of a very limited (if any) government that deals exclusively with diplomatic issues and advocates for the development of laws under private institutions.

The micronation came into existence as a response to the rapid slide towards authoritarianism, overregulation, increasing tax burden and inflation all around the world during the coronavirus pandemic.


From "liber" (denoting liberty) and "nesos" (Greek for island). Libernesia, therefore, metaphorically refers to a free island or a group of free islands, symbolizing islands or enclaves of freedom.


Libernesia was proclaimed on July 20, 2022, primarily acting as a virtual country offering e-residency for online entrepreneurs, freelancers and digital nomads. The first version of the official website was launched on the same day and allowed supporters to join the cause. The website offered a brief presentation of the country and a short constitution that only contained 7 articles, covering the rights to voluntary trade, the limited nature of the government and banning the initiation of force.


The heart of Libernesia is a small strip of land between Croatia and Serbia along the Danube. This land is part of a few small parcels that came into existence due to a border dispute between the two countries. For years, none of these areas was claimed by Croatia, Serbia, nor any other nation or private entity, effectively making them terra nullius, or a no man’s land.

On 13 April 2015, Vít Jedlička from the Czech Party of Free Citizens proclaimed the right-libertarian micronation of Liberland on Gornja Siga, raising awareness towards this unique situation and starting a race for many existing or brand new micronations to claim these territories.

Many claims exist for all of these "pockets", most of them overlapping, but none of the micronations managed to attract any significant awareness, establish recognition, nor a permanent population.

On July 20, 2022, Libernesia symbolically claimed one of the smallest of these pockets. The total surface of this parcel is just 10 hectares, making Libernesia the smallest state in the world, even smaller than Vatican, although smaller micronations do exist.

One additional farmland territory near Dolj county, Romania, was later added by the president.


Libernesian Boat on a Beach in the Black Sea
Danube Sunset from Libernesian Boat
Bonfire at Libernesian Festival

"Libernesia was born on a boat", the legend goes. The water sports culture in Libernesia is one of the most vibrant and exciting feature of this country, home to some of the best small-scale river festivals in the world, which attract visitors from all over the globe.

Water Sports

Speedboating, wakeboarding, kayaking, canoeing are pretty common with Libernesian supporters.


In order to experience freedom, supporters of Libernesia often take boat trips to uninhabited lands in the Danube area that are only accessible by boat. Camping, bonfires and live acoustic music are a big part of the culture.

Foreign Relations

Mutual Recognition Treaty between New Athens and Libernesia

Since its inception, Libernesia has been building diplomatic relations with other nations around the world for mutual aid and recognition. Libernesia also pioneered the "Critical Communications Channel" between allied micronations in order to quickly raise awareness and popular support in the event of national security issues.

Libernesia's international recognition comes in two forms:

  • Full recognition (where a treaty of mutual recognition was actually signed)
  • De facto recognition (through membership in different alliances)

Below is a list of all nations that have directly recognized Libernesia:

Name Date Current Relation
Free State of Sabini Free State of Sabini August, 14, 2022 Mutual Recognition
Empire of Essizia August, 17, 2022 Mutual Recognition
Kingdom of Liliput August, 19, 2022 Mutual Recognition
Democratic Federation Republic of Canited August, 19, 2022 Mutual Recognition
New Athens Free Nation of New Athens August, 20, 2022 Mutual Recognition
Great Shatidom of Aulpannian Nation August, 23, 2022 Mutual Recognition
Grand Duchy of Scheinhafen August, 23, 2022 Mutual Recognition
Kingdom of Ondovia November, 15, 2022 Mutual Recognition
Governorate of Græcia November, 16, 2022 Mutual Recognition
Dominion of Vancouver Island November, 16, 2022 Mutual Recognition
Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia December, 26, 2022 Mutual Recognition

Libernesia also enjoys de facto recognition from all members of the following organization:

Name Date Active
Balkan League of Micronations December, 4, 2022 Yes

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