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The Constitutional Pentumvirate of Kaz is a North American micronation which was established November 11, 2016. It's population is currently 14.

The Constitutional Pentumvirate of Kaz

The Kazzian

The Kazzian
Coat of arms
Motto: English: In Cats we Love
CapitalKaz City
Official languagesKazzian, English, and Cattish
GovernmentConstitutional Pentumvirate
Establishment11 November 2016


The name "Kaz" was adopted in November 2016. The name stands for the founders first letter of their first name.

National symbols

The national anthem of Kaz is "The founders march". The coat of arms was made up of two cats holding a emblem with a crown and our motto on it. This symbol was adopted on January 2017


In 2016, The Kingdom of kaz broke away from the United States,and became a sovereign nation. The ruler of the Kingdom of Kaz was Twinkle McFluffy. Twinkle was a good ruler, but her head of military planned to sabotage to Kazian government. Truly an American Diplomat in disguise, and an enemy of Kaz, used Twinkle's love of food against her. the nation soon fell into poverty and revolutions rose against their leader. By the end of 2016 Kaz had broken into 4 different countries: The Kingdom of Kaz, the Republic of Kaz, The Constitutional Pentumvirate of Kaz, and The United Union of Kaz. After a series of bloody battles The Kingdom of Kaz united with The Constitutional Pentumvirate of Kaz creating the Kazzian United Front, and together they threw the other two into the dirt. A Kazzian government was created and the country took on the name The Constitutional Pentumvirate of Kaz.

Shortly after, a group of rebels who called themselves the Kazzian Empire marched on Capipopolus. Kaz was torn between helping Capi and keeping the peace, but finally they were forced to act when Northern Kaz fell to the rebellion. On the 20th of August, Twinkle McFluffy declared war on the Kazzian Empire. Many bloody battles were held between the Kazzian Empire and Kaz. In these battles, Kaz was assisted by the Capi Resistance. However, after some time and small mini battles, the Kazzian government became worried, because it was clear that the Kazzian Empire was not putting in their full of amount of man power in the battles. The Government was worried that the Empire would launch a full invasion of Kaz when they least expected it. And so, Twinkle ordered for a spy to come to the aide of Kaz.

The only citizen who was up for the job, was a cat named Starlight Sterloght. After she was fully trained, she was immediately put into action against the Empire. Little is known about Starlight's journey behind enemy lines, however she managed to overhear the main general of the Empire talking of a massive assault on the 17th of September to mark the one month anniversary. Starlight quickly returned home and told the news to Twinkle. Twinkle then forwarded the information to General Zachary Blackston who then decided that they should do their massive assault on Sept 4th before the Kazzian Empire had a chance to ready its army. Starlight then enlisted in the army that was to fight in the massive attack. Twinkle, seeing this cats patriotism then offered her a role to be a figurehead alongside of her.

Starlight became a figurehead on the 2nd of September, two days before the planned grand assault. When the 4th came, the Kazzian army charged and destroyed everything inside the Kazzian Empire. All that remained was burned to the ground and the patriots of that country were arrested. The government then decided that even though the constitution stated that any crime would be punishable with deportation, this particular incident would be put on trial. Many of the soldiers were deported from Kaz, however the leaders of this group were kept in Kaz where they were punished in a manner appropriate for the level of their crimes.

Real History

Kaz was created in the wake of the election of Donald Trump. No longer satisfied with their American citizenships, they renounced the USA and formed a new country ruled by cats. In 2017 the Kazzian Constitution was drafted and ratified and the Pentumvirate came to be. In 2018 Kaz, a relatively isolated country discovered and joined MicroCon. They made alliances with Caddia and Westarctica however failed to get any treaties written. They awarded a medal to Westarctica Caddia and Molossia, and were featured in a documentary about micronations and in a youtube video. At Microcon Kaz became hostile toward Ruritania for their squirrel killing policies. They would later aid the squirrels in the war although no actually confrontation with Ruritania has occurred. After the Aerican Empire refused to recognise them it spawned a brief international incident however things were made up between the two when the Aericans agreed to participate in the Kazzian Olympic Games. In late 2018 Kaz tested its HydroBombs(Water Balloons), with three successful detonations. Kaz also opened country wide public transport known as the Cattoway. This transit is only for cats and operates a Tram system as well as aircraft. Kaz has been “recognised” by the Vatican which allowed them to sit touching the Sistine Chappel, as well as the United States who led Kazzian officials through the diplomat route when in an Airport reentering America. Kaz has been flooded twice and many in government say they are more worried than ever about global piping. Despite being a Pentumvirate Kaz has been turning more and more toward Democracy in coming years, first electing a Cat Ambassador and soon to elect the newly made Judicial Arm of Government. Kaz’s original currency The Point was devalued in 2019 in favor of the new currency the Treat.

In 2022 the Kazzian Constitution was changed, and a new Citizen Assembly which was the first democratic body in Kazzian History. Elections were held on August 18, 2022, between the centrist Whigs, the radical theocratic Party of Feline Divinity, and the Paws and Hands Party.

Census records

The National Census of Kaz began in 2016 and is taken once per year.

  • 2016 Census (December 2016): 7 citizens7
  • 2017 Census (December 2017): 8 citizens1
  • 2018 Census (December 2018): 8 citizens
  • 2019 Census (December 2019): 13 citizens5
  • 2020 Census (December 2020): 14 citizens1
  • 2021 Census (December 2021): 14 citizens


The religion of Kaz is Catism- the worship of cats. All other religions are strictly banned under threat of deportation.

Kaz is known for its booming film and musical theater industry. The only film company is Kaz Studios. Such classics include the Peter and Leonard films, which are the favorite films of all Kazzians.


The official language of Kaz is Kazzian, a dialect of English, however a minority of Kazzians speak Cattish.

Government and Politics

Kazzian Politics is dominated by 3 major parties. The Whigs, a pro establishment centirst party, are and biggest in Kaz, holding around 45% of the seats in the Citizen Assembly. The PAH party, another centrist organization holds 33% of the seats. The radical Party of Feline Divinity is the third biggest party, with around 22% of the vote.

The First Kazzian Constitution

Kaz shall be ruled by 5 monarchs. Each will rule segments of its area.

The laws of each segment can be changed as that monarch wants. However the laws of the City of Kaz can only be changed if all the monarchs vote to change its laws.

A person who disagrees with the rulings of the monarch of their segment can move to a different segment of Kaz freely, where they will be happier with the rules.

In the monarch’s will, they cannot name a blood relation as the heir to the throne. That way it is not an actual monarchy.

Cats are sacred and everything a cat wants must be obeyed. However for humans, laws are kept in place until they are changed.

Those who enlist in the Kazzian Army are promised a great lifestyle while not at war and when retired. However those who are kicked out of the military forfeit their benefits and will have to find other jobs.

If ever a corrupt government takes place, there must be at least two reasons why the leader must be expelled. It is unlawful to kick someone out right before they retire, thus making them not able to be paid.

Any physical violence or arguments against cats is punishable by loss of citizenship and immediate deportation to America.

Other things punishable by deportation: Any religious activity that is not Catism

In order to declare war on another country / micro nation, Kaz governors must vote unanimously to do so.

The Second Kazzian Constitution

Kaz shall be ruled by the Constitutional Pentumvirate and the Citizen Assembly. The Pentumvirate will consist of 5 Governors, who will rule their respective provinces until their death. In their province, they are free to institute any laws that do not contradict national laws passed by the assembly. The only rights that a Governor can never infringe on, are the right to free movement of people and goods, the right of free speech, and the right of free press. The laws of the City of Kaz will be decided between the Pentumvirate and the Assembly, and to change a law it must get a ⅔  majority in the Assembly and a ½ majority in the Pentumvirate. Either house is allowed to suggest rule changes. If a vote of no confidence is called for by a minimum of ⅓ of the population of a county, their Governor will be subjected to a vote. If a majority back their removal, they are barred from seeking reelection, and a new Governor is chosen. Upon a Governor’s death or removal, a new election will be held to select the next Governor of that province. Every year elections shall be held for the Assembly. There will be 10 seats in the Assembly. People will vote for their favorite political party, and once these votes are counted each party will get the number of seats proportional to their share of the popular vote. In order to pass laws, the bill must receive at least 51% of the vote, and be sponsored by at least one Governor. Bills can be removed by the same margin–Without the support of Governors. Once laws are made, they apply to every province, even if there are Pentumvirate enforced laws against its contents. If the Assembly feels that a Governor is acting inappropriately, or failing to implement their legislation, they can temporarily choose to suspend the Governor’s rule for 2–30 days with a ⅘ majority, and can submit formal documents of impeachment to the Justice System. Along with a yearly election for the Assembly, there will be elections for Justices every year as well. There will be one cat justice–elected by cats–, one human justice–elected by humans–, and one human or cat justice–elected by both. These justices will rule on all cases, considering severity and intent.  If a judge dies in office or resigns there will be another election held for the judges replacement who will serve the rest of the previous judges term. The greatest punishment that can be given by the Justice System is deportation to America.  The Kazzian Army answers only to the Queen. Only the Queen may order the Military to take action, and only the Queen may dismiss members of it. In order to declare war on another country, Kaz's Governors must vote unanimously to do so, and the Assembly must give a ⅔ majority in agreement.  

Nations with alliances or friends of Kaz



Kaz Website

Wars that Kaz was involved in

Kazzian civil war, Kazzian Empire War