Kazzian Empire

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The Kazzian Empire
Kazzian Empire Flag.jpg
The flag of The Kazzian Empire
Motto: Death to all who resist
Official languagesKazzian, English , and Cattish
EstablishmentAug. 17th 2017-Sept. 4th 2017

The Kazzian Empire was a micronation established in 2017.


After Capi became independent some of the citizens were not happy at now being part of this new country. On 17 Aug. 2017 a riot arose, and the rioters declared independence from Capi. Troops from the Kazzian Empire then marched on Capipopolus putting Capi under occupation. The Constitutional Pentumvirate of Kaz was torn on wether to intervened. 3 of the 5 governors wanted to come to Capi's aid, but without full support of the 5, Kaz could not declare war. But when The Kazzian Empire invaded northern Kaz The Pentumvirate was forced to do something.

On 20 August, Twinkle McFluffy declared war on the Kazzian Empire. Many bloody battles were held between the Kazzian Empire and Kaz. In these battles, Kaz was assisted by the Capi Resistance. However, after a period some time of small mini battles the Kazzian government became worried, because it was clear that the Kazzian Empire was not using their full their full man power. The Government was worried that the Empire would launch a full scale invasion of Kaz when they least expected it. And so, Twinkle ordered a spy to come to the aid of Kaz.

The only citizen who was up for the job was a cat named Starlight Sterloght. After she was fully trained, she was immediately put into action against the Empire. Little is known about Starlight's journey behind enemy lines ; however she managed to overhear the main general of the Empire talking of a massive assault on the 17th of September to mark the one month anniversary of the Empire of Kaz. Starlight quickly returned home and told the news to Twinkle. Twinkle then forwarded the information to General Zachary Blackston who then decided that they should do their massive assault on 4 Sept before the Kazzian Empire had a chance to ready its army. Starlight then enlisted in the army that was to fight in the massive attack. Twinkle, seeing this cat's patriotism then offered her a role as a figurehead alongside of her.

Starlight became a figurehead on 2 Sept, two days before the planned grand assault. There was no guarantee of her survival in this battle. When the 4th came, the Kazzian army charged and destroyed everything inside the Kazzian Empire. All that remained was burned to the ground and the patriots of that country were arrested. The government then decided that even though the constitution stated that any crime would be punishable with deportation, the people involved in this particular incident would be put on trial. Many of the soldiers were deported from Kaz, however the leaders of this group were kept in Kaz where they were punished in a manner appropriate for the level of their crimes.