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Peter and Leonard is an award-winning film series about two goofy detectives produced by Kaz Studios. These films are produced and shown in Kaz. the original film was shot during the reign of the Kingdom of kaz.

The films produced in the Peter and Leonard series are:

Prequel (released in S2):

Peter and Leonard in the city of the damned

Season 1:

1.The mysterious murder of Edward Smith [1]

2.The case of the missing pizza

3.All of the Romanovs [2]

4.Girlfriend mix-up

5.The mysterious maiden in black

Season 2:

1.Peter and Leonard in king Arthur's Court

2.Peter and Leonard in the other Universe

3.Peter and Leonard a fine trip

4.Peter and Leonard and the Waterbugs

Season 3:

1. Peter and Leonard its not teatime

In order of production date (S1):

1.The mysterious murder of Edward Smith

2.Girlfriend Mix-up

3.The mysterious maiden in black

4.All of the Romanoves

5.The case of the missing pizza

See season 1 at [3]

Peter and leonard.png

Peter and Leonard in The case of the missing pizza