Twinkle McFluffy

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Twinkle McFluffy balls is one of the two figure heads of Kaz.


Twinkles diplomatic life began in 2016 when The Kingdom of kaz declared independence from the United States of America. Twinkle was made ruler of this new kingdom and for a little while everything was fine. However a member of the Kazzian government decided to try to destroy kaz. He decided to use Twinkles love of food to his advantage. His plan worked too well and by the end of 2016 Kaz was in a 4way civil war. The plan was to let kaz fight itself until they had no one left to fight when the US marched in. However the two strongest forces in Kaz, The Constitutional Pentumvirate of Kaz and the kingdom joined each other and defeated The Republic of Kaz and the United Union of Kaz. After the civil war kaz argued which government would stay in power. However at the verge of another civil war Twinkle decided to resign to a figure head and thus kaz became a Constitutional Pentumvirate.