Kazzian 2022 Citizen Assembly Election

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The first Kazzian Citizen Assembly Election took place from the 17th-18 August 2022.

The First Kazzian Citizen Assembly Election
18 August 2022

9 seats in the Citizen Assembly
5 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party Third party
  Zachary Blackston.png Alexia Blackston.png Leonard Leonardstien.png
Leader Zachary Blackston Alexia Blackston Katherine Reeves
Party The Whig Party Paws and Hands The Party of Feline Divinity
Seats won 4 3 2
Seat change 4 3 2
Popular vote 5 4 3
Percentage 41.7% 33.3% 25%

Lead up

Kaz had been an elected monarchy for over 5 years. It had had minor political reform, with the election of a Cat Ambassador in 2020, and the creation of the Judicial System in 2021, but, for the most part, Kaz's aristocracy remained untouched by these developments. There was no internal call for democracy either, with the Pentumvirate being overwhelmingly liked. However, in mid 2022 calls for an elected body began to arise. Surprisingly, these calls did not come from the populous, but from the nobility. The general explanation for this, was that Kaz's current constitution was weak. It did not prevent tyrants, and made Kaz more of a loose confederation than an actual country. Under the existing laws, Governors were free to make any decision they wanted to in their respective regions, and many saw this as a possible method for strongmen to rise. Concerned by this, the Pentumvirate ordered a constitutional review to be conducted by Zachary Blackston. The report found major flaws in the current constitution, and proposed making an elected body called the Citizen Assembly, and passing most power to it. The new constitution was approved unanimously, and Kazzians began making political parties.


Initially two main factions formed in the political scene. The two more moderate groups, the Whigs and the P.A.H party, and the radical Party of Feline Divinity. The primary issue in the election was whether Kaz should remain a secular state, or should become a theocracy around Catism. Unsure where the public stood on the issue, the moderate parties sided with secularism(Though they both agreed that cats should be superior citizens) while the PFD wanted to enshrine Catism into law.

Going into August 18, the PFD held a substantial lead over its opponents, and the secularist parties were beginning to worry that the PFD might win an unprecedented super majority. However in the afternoon of the 18th the tides turned in favor of the Whigs. The evening would bring two more votes for the PAH party, leaving them with the same amount of votes as the Whigs. In the closing hours of the night, the Whigs would get a last boost to make them the biggest party in the Kazzian elections. Because of the divide, one seat was given to the Queen due to there being a mandatory 10 seats in the assembly, but proportionally the Assembly would be more representative with 9.

Accusations of Fraud

During the election, accusations of fraud were made against the PFD. Though the PFD denied these claims, calling them fake news, election officials quickly corrected the error without much drama.