Geopolitical Goals of the Gymnasium State

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Geopolitical Goals of the Gymnasium State
Cover of the book
AuthorTomáš Falešník
Cover artistTomáš Falešník
CountryGymnasium State
LanguageCzech (print)
Czech, English (electronic)
PublisherTomáš Falešník
Media typeLiterature

Geopolitical Goals of the Gymnasium State (Czech: Geopolitické cíle Státu Gymnázium) is a satirical book written by Tomáš Falešník, published on 10 September 2020. The book, written during the Stagnant Era, parodied geopolitics and outlined what the author considered to be crucial for the Gymnasium State to achieve in the future. The book received many positive reviews immidiately after it was pubished, both from within the Gymnasium State and from abroad, and few even believe this work will have lasting influence on the micronation's future.[1] On 17 January 2023, the Heritage Council of the Grand Unified Micronational classified the book as a cultural work of micronational significance.


In 2020, the Gymnasium State entered what is commonly called the Stagnant Era, during which the activity in the micronation decreased significantly. Although this is often attributed to the lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic, various other factors contributed to this, such as a general change in priorities of the Gymnazists as the maturita exam slowly approached. Nevertheless, a sense of nationalism had already developed and dissolution of the micronation was a widely unpopular idea.

In early September, Tomáš Falešník, who had been significant Gymnasian figure since the declaration of independence, decided to approach the inactivity issue from a geopolitical perspective and, during a social science class, wrote the original manuscript of the Geopolitical Goals of the Gymnasium State in one of his notebooks, which was however since lost. After the class, he presented the manuscript to some of the Gymnazists and was met with a positive reaction. Falešník translated the manuscript to English and later designed the cover art, which depicts the location of the Gymnasium State in Sušice. On 10 September, Falešník published both the Czech and English translation of the book on Issuu. Later, the first copy of the book was also printed and stitched.

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