Emblem of the Gymnasium State

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Emblem of the Gymnasium State
Coat of arms of the Gymnasium State.svg
ArmigerGymnasium State
EscutcheonA compass and a book in a gear
SupportersA wreath of roses, thistles and shamrocks
Useon the national flag; on websites or logos related to government of the Gymnasium State

The Emblem of the Gymnasium State is one of national symbols of the state. It is also used as part of the national flag.

The coat of arms consists of a gear with a compass and an open book, and it's surrounded by a wreath of roses, thistles and shamrocks. Lower version of the coat exist, without the wreath, but it isn't widely used.

The emblem was originally designed by a vexilologist Samuel McKittrick from Northern Ireland as part of flag of the communist United Kingdom in an alternate history timeline.[1] The emblem was adopted as the emblem of Socialist State of Gymnasium, and during the reformation into current form of the Gymnasium State as it's emblem.

Regardless of the original meaning of the emblem, the government of Gymnasium State has defined the compass and the book to symbolize inteligence, the gear to symbolize progress and the wreath to symbolize life.