Gymnasium Reform Party

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Gymnasium Reform Party
Reformní strana Gymnázia
Party LeaderBranko Stanacev
FounderBranko Stanacev
Founded17 July 2022
Dissolved1 December 2022
HeadquartersAtlanta, United States
Membership (2022)2
IdeologyRadical centrism
Political positionBig-tent
SloganMoving the country forward for everyone
0 / 25

Gymnasium Reform Party (GRP; Czech: Reformní strana Gymnázia) was a political party in the Gymnasium State, founded in July 2022 by Branko Stanacev to reform and revitalise the micronation. It's aim was to empower the President and Premier of the Gymnasium State to form a new executive branch of the government, replacing the inefficient bureaucracy of the Senate. It was the only party in the micronation to be registered under and English name rather than Czech.


In September 2021, Branko Stanacev was elected president and hoped to use this opportunity to help developing the micronation further, but the low political participation from the mainland Gymnazists caused by the COVID-19 pandemic made this almost impossible. This, and the inactivity on Gymnasian Discord server, Stanacev's main way of communication with the remainder of the micronation, frustrated him. On 17 July 2022 Stanacev announced the establishment of the Gymnasian Reform Party, aiming to either retake presidency or be elected premier and use it to further revitalise the micronation. Apart from that the GRP drafted a bill, which would finally empower the president and premier and reform the election process. Under this bill, the Senate would remain as the legislative body, while the executive powers would shift to the premier and a cabinet of ministers, with the president being the main foreign representative and appointer of other political positions. The president would be elected from nominees of the individual political parties, and the runner-up would become premier, should the president fail to nominate someone themselves. The term lenght and limits would remain unchanged. Since then the party however had decided to advocate for establishment of a monarchy. As both of the party members failed to submit the 2022 census in time, their civic rights, including the right to be elected, were suspended and later their citizenship was terminated, the party therefore had no members and ceased to exist.


Election Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Elected
Votes % Votes % Votes %
Sep 2022 0 0.00 Did not take place Neither
Nov 2022 No eligible candidates Did not take place Neither