Holy Atheist Party of the Gymnasium State

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Holy Atheist Party of the Gymnasium State
Svatoateistická strana Státu Gymnázium
Party LeaderMikuláš Göth
Founded24 January 2020
HeadquartersSušice-Gympl, Gymnasium State
Membership  (2021)1
1 / 26
Political positionCentre right
Official colors     Black

Svatoateistická strana Státu Gymnázium (SASSG; English: Holy Atheist Party of the Gymnasium State) is a centre-right party in the Gymnasium State. It was founded in January 2021 by Mikuláš Göth as an alternative for Civic Republican Party as a group for right-wing politicians. It's main goal is recognition of Holy Atheism as a minority sect in the Gymnasium State, it also proposed establishment of regency in the nation, replacing the figurehead President. It is currently the youngest political party, as well as one of the two smallest parties.



Election Succesful candidates Share of vote Second round Third round Elected
Qualified Share of vote Qualified Share of vote President Premier
2/2021 No eligible candidates Jakub Kolbek Damian Málek
3/2021 No eligible candidates Didn't take place Tomáš Falešník Šimon Novák
4/2021 0 0 0 Radek Vastl Joel Novotný