Nicholas I. of Klitzibürg

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Nicholas I.

Nicholas Erichiel Heinrich Karl Joseph Ferdinand Hans Wilhelm Franz Maria Aethral Drufeórd Ykaxavirr Krüchz the First von Göth und Kunratitz

Niko Ddabul-den

1st Grand Duke of Klitzibürg
assumed office
4 May 2019 -
Predecessor office was created
Regent of Haakonn
20 December 2019
Predecessor office was created
Prime Minister of Mendersia
in office
22 March 2020 - 30 April 2020
President Eric Smith
Predecessor Petr Jirka de Odenthalos
State Diplomat
assumed office
4 May 2019
Shogun of the Klitzibürg Army
assumed office
4 May 2020
Duke in Teplitz
assumed office
10 August 2020
Personal information
Born 25 May
Prague, Czech Republic
Birth name Nicholas Göth
Citizenship Czech, Klitzibürgan
Nationality Czech,(Klitzibürgan)
Ethnicity Czech, Moravian, Moravian German
Residence Prague
Religion Saint Atheism
Military service
Nickname(s) Sotist
In service 2019 -

Nicholas I (Czech: Mikuláš I., Bohuyis: Nikolaei I.) is the first ruler and founder of Klitzibürg, Colonial Empire and Haakonn. He is one of the Czech micronational rulers. In addition to his ruler titles, he has many minor noble titles. He goes by the name Sotist on the internet, and in the short-lived Colonial Empire he went by Erichiel I. which is his middle name.


All titles of Nicholas I. His Imperial Highness, Nicholas Erichiel Heinrich KArl Joseph Ferdinand Hans Wilhelm Franz Maria Aethral Drufeórd Ykaxavirr Krüchz the First von Göth und Kunratitz, by the grace of Nothing, the Grand Duke of Klitzibürg, baptized in the name of Nothing, Regent-for-life of Haakonn, founder of Klitzibürg and the Colonial Empire, priënz of the Colonial Companies, wreathed Viscount in the Klitzibürg provinces, Duke in Žižkov, Duke in Teplice, The Holiest Tsar of Saint Atheism and All of his Adherents, shogun of Klitzibürg army, rytter of the Green Falcons, lord in the Indürd Highlands, ceremonial Count of Brüm, Meehk of Meshil, Hovernor of Ilbun, Máérqués in Brüm and the Highest Konschjel in Breitzickburg, archbishop of the Indürdian atheistic archdiocese, Holy pretendor to the throne of the Klitzirüm Kingdom, the Sun of our days, accompanied by the gift of Enlightenment, may his reign be longer than long.

The official title used in introducement and in official legislature:

His Imperial Highness, Nicholas, called Erichiel and Ykaxavirr, first of his name, dynasty of Göth und Kunratitz, Grand Duke of Klitzibürg, Regent-for-life of Haakonn and The Holiest Tsar of Saint Atheism and All of his Adherents. May his reign be longer than long.


Nicholas I.'s name is based on the classical names of the family. The names Heinrich (Jindřich), Karl (Karel) and Joseph (Josef) are the fisrt names of his father, grandfather and great-grandfather who belong to the Jihlava line of the Göth family.

Personal life

The Grand Duke was born on 25 May in Prague in the Zemská porodnice u sv. Apolináře and has lived in Prague ever since. He is ethnically Czech and part Moravian German, more precisely from the Jihlava language island, hence his German surname. His hobbies outside of micronationalism include worldbuilding, gaming, reading, sleeping, and many other "captivating" activities.

Political views

  • social democracy
  • saint atheist democracy
  • economic liberalism
  • moderate tendencies towards anarchy