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The journey is our goal (Czech: Cesta je náš cíl) is the national motto of the Gymnasium State, which has been used since 26 October 2019. It replaced the motto used from 23 November 2018, We shall overcome (Jednou budem dál). Until then, the Gymnasium State did not have the national motto. Even though it was officially adopted by the Senate, the motto is only considerd as an unofficial national symbol to represent the nation, as it is not mentioned in the National Symbols Law.

The old motto was derived from the American protest song We Shall Overcome. The song was written during the 20th century and posed as an unofficial anthem of the Civil Rights Movement in 1950s. After the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia in 1989, the Czech translation of the song, Jednou budem dál, is commonly sang during celebrations as the unofficial anthem of civil rights and democracy. The meaning of the motto was derived from the song too. It reminded of civil rights and democracy, as well as it referred to the future of the nation.