Micronational entities in the history of the Gymnasium State

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In the history of the Gymnasium State, several micronational entities have existed that either predated the foundation of the micronation, or were inspired by it. These entities were sometimes called state-like communities (státu-podobné komunity) withing the Gymnasium State and were mostly small groups of students that governed themselves in ways similar to micronationalism. These entities were usually short-lived, undeveloped and largely non-serious, and many didn't consider themselves as micronations even when they would fulfill the criteria to be considered as such.


Communist state

The first state-like entity in the history of the Gymnasium State was a communist state, that existed probably between 2015 and 2016. Most of the information about the community, including the official name, has been lost since. The community had three members and it is expected, that it parodied the communist regimes of the Eastern Bloc.

The Imperium

Recreation of the flag of The Imperium

The Imperium (Czech: Impérium) was the most developed state-like community in the history of the Gymnasium State. It was established in autumn of 2016 by three students, and soon gained one more member. The leadership of The Imperium was supposed to be shared by the four members via four noble titles. However, one of members tried in spring of 2017 to assume the power over the community, which was used by the rest as an excuse to leave, and the community dissolved.

Council of Room 5

The Council of Room 5 (Czech: Rada pokoje 5) was a government created for a room in a hotel in Lipno nad Vltavou. It lasted only from 27 to 28 June 2019. The Council was created as a parody of the Soviet system of government. It was created by the eight roommates, with six of them being in the Council, however the membership in the Council was changing quickly. Later all eight people were given their position, all led by the Captain. The community dissolved with the members leaving Lipno.


Fedoristan (Czech: Fedoristán) was a shortlived egostan and a 'parody' of the Gymnasium State, declared by a biology teacher on the Sušice gymnasium in autumn of 2019. It was established on the territory the teacher stood on at the time. It was a joke, made by the teacher interested in the idea of micronationalism, and no development of the entity occured since the establishment.

Socialist State of Gymnasium

Flag of the Socialist State of Gymnasium

The Socialist State of Gymnasium (and Unofficial State of Gymnasium during the Transitional Period) was the direct predecessor of the Gymnasium State, and it was also the first entity to consider itself a micronation. The Socialist State was established on 1 September 2017 by four students, but the amount of citizens rose up to six until the start of the Transitional Period, and even more during it. The Socialist State is however still sometimes considered only as state-like community, as it was mostly inactive, like all the predecessing communities. The Socialist State joined the MicroWiki under the new name during the end of 2017 and slowly got transformed into the modern Gymnasium State.

Republic of Kraninikeria

Flag of Kraninikeria

The Republic of Kraninikeria (Czech: Kraninikerská republika) was originally supposed to become another state-like community parodying communist regimes, established by three Gymnazists on 2 March 2018. The idea was however changed, when the founders got inspired by Mekniy, and the community became a micronation with fictional history, adding prefix "Third" to the name. The idea was to slowly 'discover' the history of fictional extinct ethnicity of Kraninikerians, in a way similar to the discovery of the Czech fictional genius Jára Cimrman. However as the rest of aspects of the micronation weren't developed, and due to the general attitude towards fictional micronations after the Gymnasian-Bohemian Crisis, the micronation was stripped its status on 5 October 2018, shortly after signatory of the Wrythe Convention, and forgotten.

Republic of 007

Recreation of the flag of 007

The Republic of 007 (Czech: Republika 007) was a short-lived micronation in 2018. It was established by younger siblings of some of Gymnazists in their elementary school. The government system was entirely inspired by the Gymnasium State. The dissolution of the micronation is uncertain, but the 007 has not been active after few months since its foundation. Most of the information about the micronation is unknown outside its former citizens.

Unnamed state

File:Flag of the unnamed state.png
Flag of the unnamed state as described

On 19 December 2019, two older students of the Sušice gymnasium interested in the idea of micronationalism met with few Gymnazists. During the conversation, the students expressed interest in establishment of a micronation, with a small territory just outside Sušice. The main policy of the nation, which name was never determined, was the legalization of marijuana as was also noticeable from the planned flag.