Posaf and the Grand Unified Micronational

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The Principality of Posaf and the GUM
Grand Unified Micronational membership
MembershipFull delegate
Since28 March 2018
GUM RepresnetativeNicholas Randouler

The Principality of Posaf is a full member of the Grand Unified Micronational, and has been since the Quorum of Delegates convened and voted on 28 March 2018. Posaf was previously accepted as a provisional member on 14 March. The primary delegate, Nicholas Randouler, formerly served as the Secretariat for Diplomacy and Recruitment until his passing on 3 June 2020.


As of August 2020, Posaf has 2/3 of the number of delegates for a full member, Daniel Lee and Grace Konn. Andy Irons was made deputy delegate in June 2018 but since left the position when GUM transitioned from Skype to Discord. Grace Konn was made deputy delegate on 16 March 2020 but was later moved to third delegate. Daniel Lee was made deputy delegate to the GUM upon joining on 4 April 2020. Nicholas Randouler served as the primary delegate until his passing on 3 June 2020.

On 11 January 2020, Randouler was voted in as the Secretariat for Diplomacy and Recruitment. On 15 April, Randouler used his position to formally launch the GUM Sister Cities Program. Randouler previously served as Secretariat for Diplomacy and Recruitment through 10 February 2019 to 7 July 2019. He also served as Secretariat for Micronational Development at the end of 2019.


Quorum attendance

Posaf has been in attendance of nearly every Quorum. Nicholas Randouler had represented Posaf in every quorum except once in 2018.

24 Hour Quorums

24 Hour Quorum (2019)

Nicholas Randouler solely represented Posaf at the 2019 24 Hour Quorum. In the duration of the event, he was the Chair of the Quorum who only leads the discussion and does a roll-call every hour. The quorum was to celebrate the Grand Unified Micronational ten year anniversary.

24 Hour Quorum (2020)

All delegates were present at one moment in the 2020 24 Hour Quorum. As the previous 24 Hour Quorum, Randouler was the Chair of the Quorum at one point. Posaf and Essexia were the only nations in the event to be present for the whole 24 hours, with Daniel Lee being present the first two hours and Randouler being present the next 22 hours with Konn joining around 5:00 EST and Daniel joining again near the end. The 2020 24 Hour Quorum raised a total of $330.[1]

GUM elections voting

Posaf is often seen as one of the first voters for the Chair race. Nicholas Randouler ran unsuccessfully in the December 2018 Chair election against Adam I, Emperor of Adammia. Randouler received 36.8%, 7 nations, which is the highest percentage of a runner up since Brooklyn Hewitt in 2014.

Election Candidate Outcome
June 2018 Did not vote Adam I
December 2018  Adammia Adam I[2]
June 2019  Iustus Austin I Bradley, Duke of Dullahan
December 2019  Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall Thomas I Thomas I
June 2020


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  2. In the December 2018 Chair election, Nicholas Randouler ran for Chair but played the "Gentlemens Agreement" to vote for the opposing candidate.