24 Hour Quorum (2017)

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24 Hour Quorum

Motto: Making a positive impact
Status Finished
Date 6-7 May 2017
Site GUM Quorum, Skype
Notable people See participants

The Grand Unified Micronational organised a second 24 Hour Quorum as a followup to the 2012 event of the same name. Beginning at 13:09 BST (UTC+1) on 6 May 2017, a Quorum was opened for 24 straight hours before being adjourned at the same time the following day. The event was a success, acting as a charity event similar to its predecessor.


The idea of a second 24 Hour Quorum was first brought to Quorum during the Chairmanship of Adam I of Überstadt, several days after Henry Clément was confirmed as the organisation's Vice Chairman. Originally, the impact of the new event as a charity event was doubted, with several delegates proposing that the event not implement charity as a primary goal. Planning for the event didn't commence fully until Vice Chair Clément's ascension to the office of Acting Chair in late March 2017, when forms were made to begin the scheduling process. Quorum passed a motion defining that the event must take place on the weekend of May 6, 2017, the weekend with the most positive respondents.

As the date of the event got closer, a form was opened to schedule the best time slot for the 24 Hour Quorum to run. Additionally, Acting Chair Clément participated in an interview with the Coprieta Standard to advertise for the event, Statistics Secretary Tarik Kârjasary made a poster and a forum thread advertising, and the word was released in most active Micronational Skype rooms.

Beginning shortly after noon UTC, the event followed similar rules to its predecessor, the specifics of which were gone over by the Acting Chair before and shortly after beginning the event. Besides a brief period of about 15 minutes shortly into the event, Quorum never dropped below five delegates and regular headcounts took place as deemed necessary by the presiding officer at any one time. The Acting Chair remained present and presiding for all but three hours of the Quorum, when Kârjasary presided in his place while he briefly rested.

Discussion topics varied, however included culture, football, the ongoing presidential election in France, religion, conlangs, geofiction, and the History of the MicroWiki community, among others. Many temporary delegates such as Barnaby Hands and Sean Anderson helped maintain Quorum in the early and late hours when Quorum was at its lowest attendance. As nighttime came and many delegates got tired, a call was started by those who had vowed to stay awake all night to keep Quorum alive in its final hours. For most of the call's nearly seven hours of activity, a Quorum of five was maintained, and when it wasn't delegates multitasked by participating with those only in text.

Exactly 24 hours after beginning - at 13:09 London time on the 7th - Quorum was presumed closed. Several moments later, the Acting Chair thanked all delegates for their participation. The chatroom - made several weeks before specifically for the event - remained active for about four more hours before it was closed and made into an archive for future reference and research.


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