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HE Imperial Prince Mephistopheles is the current ruler of the micronation known as Stormhold. Having extensive experience in the community under past aliases, he also served as head of state of Zenrax before it transitioned to Stormhold in late June of 2021. (This marks the first time in over six years of existence that Stormhold has flown exclusively under its own banner.) Aside from this, he has served as the Master of the Order of the Rose since its founding in the summer of 2003.

Additionally, he served briefly as a Vice-Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational, and currently serves as Stormhold's secondary delegate in the organization.

Aside from minor roles in Dracul and honorary citizenships in other micronations, the Prince has taken a much less involved approach to the community since his hiatus in early 2021.