Prince Aaron of Überstadt

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Prince Aaron
Duke of Edmount
King of the Band Room
Reign16 June 2015 – 21 June 2016
Coronation16 June 2015
2nd Prime Minister of Überstadt
In office
18 October 2012 – 30 September 2014
Preceded byTheron of Edmount
Succeeded byOffice abolished
Secretary of the Treasury
Assumed office
19 December 2015
MonarchAdam I
Preceded byAdam I
Minister for Culture
In office
July 2014 – 19 December 2015
MonarchAdam I
Preceded byJonathan Faust
Succeeded byLady Kara, Baroness Rosewood
2nd Leader of the Opposition
In office
May 2011 – October 2011
Preceded byDaniel of Korea
Succeeded byDaniel of Korea
Born1998 (25 years)
Seattle, Washington, United Statesw:United States
FatherMichael von Friedeck
MotherLady Kara, Baroness Rosewood
ReligionThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Aaron, Duke of Edmount is heir presumptive to the throne of the Kingdom of Überstadt, the current Admiral of His Majesty's Überstadti Navy, and the Überstadti Minister for Culture. In 2015 and 2016, he was the fourth King of the Band Room Realms. He served as Prime Minister of Überstadt from his initial appointment on 18 October 2012 until the office's disestablishment on 30 September 2014. He served in all four elected sessions of the Kingdom's Parliament before the institution of direct democracy, winning a large portion of the vote each election.

Early political career

Prince Aaron first became a citizen of Überstadt during the November Revolution of 2011. In December, he founded the Centrist Party, with a platform midway between the far-left Partying Communist Party and the conservative Cat Party, promising pragmatism and moderation. He stood for election as one of five Members of Parliament for the Duchy of Edmount in January 2012 and received the largest proportion of all votes cast. He entered the First Parliament as a member of the Conservative-Centrist Coalition. The only law passed during this session, the Treason Act, was sponsored by him. Aaron was reelected in May 2012, succeeding Daniel of Korea as Opposition Leader after being displaced from his original seat by a member of the Cat Party. The lack of legislative activity by the Conservative Coalition left him to once again sponsor all passed acts, and accordingly voted in favor of all bills ever to have passed through Parliament. Because King Adam was the writer of almost all bills, some politicians began to see Aaron as his brother's personal agent in the chamber.

Prime Minister

Aaron, in anticipation of the third term election which was to be delayed until October, dissolved his original party in September and founded in its place the Renaissance Party, an economically moderate party whose primary goal is the improvement of Überstadti culture. Aaron received a third of all votes when the ballots were finally cast, and agreed with the Cat Party to enter into a new coalition. He appointed a small cabinet shortly thereafter. The Renaissance-led government passed a number of laws that seemed to promise progress and development, but quickly fell under criticism when key elements of some were not enacted by the relevant cabinet ministers. One of the greatest failures was that of the prince himself, who failed to organize the celebration of the Day of the Sandwich, intended to be a major national festival. Aaron was to have fulfilled this task mandated by his own bill in his role as Minister for Culture, but neglected the duty, despite his promises to prioritize cultural development. Damaging the public perception of the new leader as an instrument of the crown, King Adam began to publicly criticize Aaron and his administration, including in an official statement published internationally.

In the election for the Fourth Parliament, Aaron was the sole candidate for Edmount MP following the change of nationality and electoral law. He was thus unanimously elected to represent the only duchy, becoming the only current Überstadti legislator following the announcement of results on the evening of 31 March. Six days later, he held a conference with King Adam to coordinate policy, as the monarch had recently been granted legislative capabilities answerable to Parliament. They agreed that the king would remain responsible for drafting a civil code and that they would cooperate with regard to economic policy. Aaron's consensus with the king that culture should not be significantly influenced by the government seemed to contradict in some ways the platform of his party, although willingness to provide public finding for some cultural projects was expressed.

Following the granting of legislative powers to the monarchy, Prince Aaron and King Adam began to hold regular audiences to coordinate policy, delegating the drafting of agreed-upon measures to the party deemed more capable or appropriate. Policies created through consensus of the two leaders included the establishment of national holidays and the second minting of the über. Eventually, they came to agree upon plans to institute direct democracy and adopt a socialist economy, forming the Theodorist Party of Überstadt. After the Theodorist Party's rise to power and the passage of the socialist constitution, Aaron was unanimously confirmed Prime Minister by the Fifth Parliament.

As Prime Minister under the new constitution, Aaron continued much of his previous work, meeting regularly with the King and serving in other ministerial positions. As the year progressed, however, he became increasingly removed from his role, due in part to academic obligations. Despite King Adam's efforts to include the Prince in the writing of statutes and the formulation of policy, the Monarch was in effect the de facto head of government. Because of this, Aaron resigned the premiership on 30 September 2014. That evening, the constitution was amended to make the Monarch head of state and government.

King of the Band Room

From early in the history of the Bandish monarchy, many presumed that Aaron, as the brother of King Adam, who played a significant role in establishing the institution, would one day be chosen to hold the Bandish throne (each new monarch is appointed by their immediate predecessor). A courtesan of King Jacob, he was a favorite for the 2015 succession. In June, Jacob, about to graduate from the high school at which the Band Room Realms are located, announced that Aaron would indeed be the next king. On 16 June, Jacob abdicated, and Aaron was crowned King of the Band Room.

Military service

Prince Aaron was commissioned as an officer in His Majesty's Navy in June 2012, commanding the HMNS Bergstrom, which transports Überstadti drones in nautical settings, as well as Bates Naval Station in Creekbed Colony. In March 2013, he was appointed a provisional detective in the Royal Gendarmerie, obtaining law enforcement powers to be exercised in accordance with the orders of the Assembled Chiefs. In June 2013, he was appointed Admiral, gaining command George Naval Base in Rosewood and of the entire navy.

Titles, styles, and honors

Titles and styles

  • 1998 - 18 November 2011: Mister Aaron von Friedech
  • 18 Nobember 2011 - 16 June 2015: His Royal Highness Aaron, Duke of Edmount
  • 16 June 2015 - 21 June 2016: His Majesty Aaron, King of the Band Room, Duke of Edmount
  • 21 June 2016 – present: His Royal Highness Aaron, Duke of Edmount

In Überstadt, his full title and style is as follows: His Royal Highness Aaron, Prince of Überstadt, Duke of Edmount, Admiral of His Majesty's Navy, Secretary of the Treasury, Minister for Culture