His Majesty's Überstadti Navy

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His Majesty's Navy
Active June 2012 – present
Country Kingdom of Überstadt
Size 2 active-duty personnel
1 patrol boat
1 amphibious landing craft
Motto Pro pace (Latin: For peace)
Anniversaries 28 July 2012
Commander-in-Chief King Adam
Admiral Prince Aaron

His Majesty's Überstadti Navy is the only standing uniformed force in the Kingdom of Überstadt, functioning as a navy, a marine force, a gendarmerie, and the Royal bodyguard. Excluding the Commander-in-Chief, it has two personnel on active duty. Two watercraft are operated, both of which are currently in dry dock in Rosewood.

His Majesty's Navy is the successor of the Department of the Navy in kritarchial Überstadt, which was in fact founded months prior to the establishment of the state while Überstadt was still being planned. The young military contributed to early patriotism, a contribution carried on to this day in the form of ceremonial naval duties.


The mission of His Majesty's Navy described by statute is "to protect and defend the Kingdom of Überstadt’s borders and rights to navigate the sea and inland waters, to enforce the laws of the Kingdom, and to guarantee the security of the processes of justice and the leaders of the nation." It patrols national waters and borders, protects public officials and the courts, and enforces the law. As a matter of practice, it also seeks to guarantee the safety of citizens abroad. Members of the Navy are legally authorized to bear arms, appropriate Überstadti watercraft to perform emergency duties, use force asrequired, and serve court orders.


In late 2009, Überstadt was being planned by the founders and had not yet been formally established. On an unknown date in that period, known to historians as the Proto-Überstadti era, Adam von Friedeck appointed Admiral Bergstrom, the first head of the Department of the Navy, intended to create an Überstadti presence at Lake Ballinger. Although this presence was never created, Bergstrom's navy remained a symbol of the young nation.

The Department of the Navy remained in existence following the ratification of the first constitution in 2010, doubling in size. Several months later, during an attempted rebellion by a citizen later described as a troll, Admiral Bergstrom initiated an intelligence operation that helped undermine the attempted disruption of national security. This cemented the importance of the navy in Überstadt. Admiral Bergstrom later retired, leading to the Department of the Navy falling into inactivity, although it continued to exist de jure.

The new monarchical constitution of November 2011 authorized the monarch to maintain the navy, which remained inactive nonetheless. In June 2012, following Überstadt's claim of Creekbed Colony, His Majesty's Navy was established to defend the economically vital colony. Stephen von Washington was appointed to the post of admiral, and Prince Aaron enlisted in the service. The first formal legal outline of the navy's mandate and structure came in the form of King Adam's sixth decree, issued on 25 March 2013. Von Washington was replaced by Prince Aaron on 26 June.


The Navy, as part of the Royal Armed Forces, answers to the Commander-in-Chief, King Adam. The head of the Navy is the Admiral, who is appointed by the Commander-in-Chief. The Admiralty is responsible for administrative and operational command of the Navy, and is a member of the Assembled Chiefs, the advisory body that assists in governing the entirety of the Royal Armed Forces. The current Admiral is Prince Aaron of Überstadt, who also exercises direct command over the Marines and Naval Police.

The Navy is composed of three constituent organs: the Naval Squadron, the Marine Corps, and the Naval Police. Each organ is commanded by one of at least the rank of Vice Admiral.

Naval Squadron

The Naval Squadron is responsible for all naval activities at sea, which include regional security patrols and research missions. The squadron's maritime activities occur primarily within Puget Sound in the United States. It is commanded by Vice Admiral Michael von Friedeck. When not deployed, the squadron's vessels are kept in dry dock at the Navy's only permanent shore establishment, George Naval Base in Rosewood.

Marine Corps

The Marine Corps is responsible for amphibious operations and all land-based operations other than those falling within the law enforcement mission of the Naval Police. Tasks assigned the Marines have included performing acts of sovereignty in the Barony of Ballinger and patrolling the valley surrounding Creekbed Colony and Oregonia.

Naval Police

The Naval Police are charged with law enforcement, the security of the courts and judicial process, and the protection of Überstadti royals and the Royal Residency.


His Majesty's Navy has two active-duty personnel, both commissioned officers. Prince Aaron is the Admiral as well as being responsible for the Naval Police, and Michael von Friedeck is the Vice Admiral over the Marine Squadron. New uniforms are presently being designed, but the classic black jacket and pants with a white shirt will likely be maintained.



All Überstadti naval vessels are named and prefixed "HMNS," designating "His Majesty's Naval Ship." Traditionally, the names of Überstadti craft have honored important persons in national history or ancestors of the Royal Family.

The flagship of His Majesty's Navy is HMNS Bert George, named after the King's maternal grandfather, a volunteer member of the United States Navy during World War II (George is also the namesake of the naval base in Rosewood). Bert George is a MacGregor 26D sailboat equipped with a 10 horsepower outboard motor. It serves as a patrol boat. It is used for all Puget Sound expeditions, and once completed an expedition to the US San Juan Islands. Bert George is currently in winter dry dock at George Naval Base.

HMNS Bergstrom is an inflatable dinghy used primarily as an amphibious landing craft. It is used for patrols in Lake Ballinger and as a tender for HMNS Bert George on some missions. Bergstrom was seriously damaged in the August 2015 San Juan Islands expedition, and remains in Rosewood awaiting repair.


Vessels in His Majesty's Navy are not equipped with affixed weaponry; all of the navy's weapons are made to be carried on one's person. Most weapons used are less-lethal, including airsoft guns to be used in case of public disorder and pepper spray to be directed against attackers. The primary weapon with potential to inflict serious injury is the .177 caliber air gun, along with small knives. In case of an attack, sailors are authorized to use stopping force to prevent bodily harm or serious property damage.