Creekbed Colony

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Creekbed Colony
Established27 June 2012

Creekbed Colony or Creekbed is a colony of the Kingdom of Überstadt established 27 June 2012. It was claimed immediately following the passage of the Colony Act in the Second Parliament. Creekbed plays an important role in the Überstadti economy and is protected as a national park. It was expanded to more than double its original size in mid-2014.


Creekbed Colony is located on two banks of Edmount's Finger, a seasonal creek that flows through Veterans Memorial Park in Mountlake Terrace, a city in the United States, borders the colony along with the Austenasian Crown Dependency of Oregonia. The bed of the creek is mostly rocky, and the stream itself flows shallow and quickly during rainy times. The primary vegetation is Pacific Northwest forest of the central zone, with the dominant trees being Douglas firs. Sword ferns and red huckleberries are also plentiful.

Economy and infrastructure

Creekbed Colony hosts the harvest operations of pharmaceutical cooperative Apotheker. When Apotheker formed the basis of the Überstadti economy, Creekbed was the most economically important territory. Today, Rosewood is the commercial capital, but Creekbed remains important to pharmaceutical production, as well as supplementing the wild berry yield of agriculture cooperative Rosewood Fruits.

The primary route into the larger portion of the colony, on the east side of the stream, is by a bridge consisting of a single fallen log. Two trails pass through the colony: one in the north and one in the south. These facilitate both harvest and tourism.