Ministry for the Economy (Überstadt)

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Ministry for the Economy
Agency overview
Headquarters Rosewood
Minister responsible HM King Adam I, Minister for the Economy

The Ministry for the Economy is the Überstadti government ministry responsible for economic policy and managing the principal economic actors in Überstadt. The ministry is led by the Minister for the Economy, presently King Adam.


The Ministry for Commerce was created in January 2012 as one of the first government ministries in the new parliamentary system under the Monarchy. It was primarily responsible for promoting private business, although its responsibilities later included overseeing public works projects. It was replaced by the Ministry for the Economy in the October 2013 constitution. The new ministry, which is one of the three cabinet positions constitutionally required to be filled, exists today in the same form as created in 2013.


The Ministry for the Economy oversees a variety of matters relating to agriculture, manufacturing, organizations law, international trade, and transportation. Specific roles include:

  • Registering new organizations (cooperatives, educational institutions, etc.) and assigning them to legal categories
  • Managing the activities of the public cooperatives (Apotheker, Rosewood Fruits, and Edmount's Mercantile)
  • Negotiating foreign sales and purchases
  • Approving and maintaining roads and trails