Orders, decorations, and medals of Überstadt

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The awards and decorations of Überstadt are the military and civilian awards and honors bestowed by the Kingdom of Überstadt. The first Überstadti awards were instituted during the kritarchy and replaced in early 2012 under the new monarchy. Today, all state decorations and the criteria for their bestowal are enumerated in the constitution. The Überstadti Monarch, as fount of honor, has the exclusive power to grant these honors; nevertheless, Parliament and other government institutions are permitted to create their own awards separate from the primary system.

Personal titles of nobility

A citizen of any state may be created a baron as an individual title independent of any geographical barony, in a fashion roughly equivalent to life peerage in the United Kingdom. The individuals who have been granted such titles are:

Orders of chivalry

Three Überstadti orders of chivarly exist. The most senior in precedence is the Order of the Fir, which is in fact the youngest of the three, having been created with the ratification of the Third Constitution in October 2013. It is followed by the Order of the Seagull and the Order of the Hawk. The Monarch is the sovereign of each, and members of each may be addressed as Sir or Dame.

Order of the Fir

The Order of the Fir, which is awarded purely at the Monarch's pleasure, has outside of the Sovereign only one rank, that of Knight or Dame. It has been awarded to the immediate members of the King's family and to Will Soergel. Members of this order are entitled to wear its insignia, which is a sprig of Douglas fir with a blue ribbon bow tied around it. A dark green sash is also indicative of membership in the Order of the Fir. Members of this order may bear the postnominal letters KOF or DOF.

  • Knight/Dame - 4 recipients

Order of the Seagull

The Most Excellent Order of the Seagull is awarded for outstanding contributions to the Kingdom by its citizens. A blue sash is indicative of membership. The order has two grades, as thus:

  • Knight/Dame Commander (KCS/DCS) - 2 recipients
  • Knight/Dame (KOS/DOS) - 5 recipients

Order of the Hawk

The Most Noble Order of the Hawk is awarded for outstanding contributions to the interests or welfare of the Kingdom by those who are not citizens of it. A red sash is indicative of membership. The order has two grades, as thus:

  • Knight/Dame Commadner (KCH/DCH) - 2 recipients
  • Knight/Dame (KOH/DOH) - 4 recipients


Military Cross

The Military Cross, established by the Third Constitution, is the only exclusively military award in Überstadt. The criteria for its bestowal are the demonstration by a member of the Royal Armed Forces of exceptional gallantry and heroism beyond that which is expected of them in the performance of their military duties.

Service Medal

The Service Medal is the oldest honor outside the orders of chivalry. It is awarded to members of either the Royal Armed Forces or civil service for one year of faithful service. Three have been awarded for military service, and one for civil service. The medal itself is a golden disk bearing a capital "S" for "service", surrounded by laurel leaves.

Lifesaving Award

The Lifesaving Award, established by the Third Constitution, is intended for bestowal upon any Überstadti who saves a human life when such is not part of their occupational duty. It has not yet been awarded.

Kritarchial awards and honors

The kritarchial government of Überstadt awarded the Society of Ballinger as an equivalent to knighthood. This was replaced by the chivalric orders during the transition to a monarchy. All members of the Society of Ballinger were granted with appropriate knighthoods upon the introduction of the new orders. One award given by the old government, however, were not replaced. This was known as the Chief Judge's Citation for Peace and Diplomacy, which was awarded to Niels of Flandrensis and Donald Sunderland.