Barony of Ballinger

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Barony of Ballinger
Established18 November 2011

The Barony of Ballinger or Ballinger is one of two baronies in the Duchy of Edmount in the Kingdom of Überstadt. It takes its name from Lake Ballinger, within which it is situated, and consists of the oldest Überstadti territorial claim. Ballinger forms one of Überstadt's national parks.


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Lake Ballinger was once known as Lake McAleer, after its owner, Hugh McAleer. R.A. Ballinger later purchased the lake, and lived on Edmount Island in the center. The island and much of the eastern shoreline later became public parkland in Mountlake Terrace. Edmount Island experienced a disastrous fire in July and August 2009, as Überstadt was being planned.

The island and some surrounding water were claimed by Überstadt upon its foundation on 6 March 2010, and the territory became known as the Edmount District. The Edmount District was renamed the Duchy of Edmount upon the establishment of the monarchy in November 2011, and the lake territory came to be called the Barony of Ballinger.


The Barony of Ballinger consists of Edmount Island and the surrounding waters within a 200-foot radius from its shore. The lake was formed by glacial action around 8000 BCE. It is fed by local runoff and groundwater from other nearby lakes, but receives most of its intake through Hall Creek from the north. It is drained by McAleer Creek on the east.

Edmount Island is a naturally-formed peat island with moderate vegetation. It provides habitat for a variety of bird species.