Seth, King of the Band Room

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King of the Band Room
Reign4 June 2013 – 11 June 2014
Coronation4 June 2013
Baron of Ballinger
Title held10 April 2013 – March 2014
PredecessorAdam I of Überstadt
Marshal of the Royal Überstadti Gendarmerie
In office
10 April 2013 – 11 June 2013
Preceded byOffice established
Succeeded byOffice disestablished

Seth of the Band Room was the second King of the Band Room Realms and is a former Überstadti military officer, having served as the Marshal of the Royal Überstadti Gendarmerie until his accession. He began his micronational military career in the first days of November 2011, when he first learned of Überstadt from Adam von Friedeck. He, along with General Mason, were present in Hawk City when the plan to revive Überstadt through monarchist reform began to be publicized. The two swore allegiance to von Friedeck immediately upon hearing of his royal ambitions, acclaiming him King of Überstadt and becoming the first members of the renewed Überstadti nation. Seth swore himself to the service of the king, becoming a member of the Royal Army which Adam raised in the city. Although no real conflict ever took place, the army provided the earliest political support of the new monarch and created the Überstadti throne with its acclamation.

Seth officially remained a member of the inactive army until the reform of the armed forces initiated by royal decree. Having remained very loyal to King Adam and exhibiting a high level of competency in martial matters, he was appointed the first Marshal of the Royal Gendarmerie on 10 April 2013. Later the same day, he was created the Second Baron Ballinger, the title having previously been held by the king himself. On 21 May 2013, King Franklin of the Band Room Realms appointed him Crown Prince of the Band Room. He was crowned king on the day of Franklin's abdication, 4 June 2013.

The arrival of fall and resumption of classes soon brought signs that Seth did not approach his throne with particular seriousness, developing a reputation for apathy. When 2014 arrived, he repeatedly refused to pay a tax he owed Überstadt as one of its citizens. During this dispute, Prince Aaron of Überstadt, the Überstadti ambassador to the Band Room, informed Seth that he was subject to criminal charges. In response, Seth ordered the Bandish constable to remove the prince from the band room. This seriously damaged relations between the Band Room and Überstadt, and led to the revocation of Seth's Überstadti citizenship and noble title.

On 11 June 2014, Seth abruptly announced that he would abdicate that afternoon, his timing being typical for a Bandish abdication but his announcement being abrupt, giving no time to make all customary preparations for a coronation, including bringing the crown from its place of storage in Rosewood. He appointed a courtesan named Jacob his successor, then descended from his throne.