Royal Überstadti Gendarmerie

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Royal Gendarmerie
Active March - June 2013
Country Kingdom of Überstadt
Role Gendarmerie
Anniversaries 25 March 2013

The Royal Überstadti Gendarmerie was formerly the branch of the Überstadti armed forces charged with law enforcement, known internally simply as the Royal Gendarmerie. It provided day-to-day law enforcement and domestic peacekeeping.


The Royal Gendarmerie was responsible for ordinary law enforcement tasks. It was charged with maintaining public order and peace, traffic control, and enforcing any customs laws that may be created. These services were seldom needed in Überstadt, but the gendarmes were understood to be available to respond to an emergency at any time. Carrying on the tradition of law enforcement officers maintaining court security, gendarmes also policed the courts while in session.


During the Kritarchial Era, law enforcement was the province of the civilian Überstadt Security Office, which became defunct with the collapse of Radcliffe's government during the November Revolution. The role of law enforcement was not formally filled for the next year and a half, although His Majesty's Navy was nominally relied upon for functions such as protecting the Royal Family. On 25 March 2013, King Adam issued his sixth decree, which formally organized the armed forces and created the Royal Gendarmerie. Seth, Second Baron Ballinger headed the Gendarmerie until his accession to the throne of the Band Room Realms, and it fell into inactivity. Responsibility for law enforcement as given to the navy in October 2013, and the Gendarmerie abolished.