High Chancery of Überstadt

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High Chancery
CompositionAppellate and constitutional court
High Chancellor
IncumbentMichael von Friedeck

The High Chancery of Überstadt is the constitutional and appellate court of the Kingdom of Überstadt. It is presided over by the High Chancellor, currently Michael von Friedech, the King's father. The High Chancellor is appointed by a vote of all Crown Court judges.


During Überstadt's period as a kritarchy, the head of state and government was the Chief Judge, who also presided over the court of last resort. Upon the establishment of the Kingdom, the Crown Court was the sole judicial body, with no avenue for appeals. The new constitution of spring 2013 created the High Chancery to fill this purpose, but the office of High Chancellor was only filled that fall when King Adam's father, Michael von Friedeck, was appointed. The High Chancery has heard no cases and has issued no formal rulings, although it does periodically advise legislators on constitutional matters.

High Chancellor

The High Chancellor, like all other Überstadti judges, is appointed by a vote of the entire judiciary. They are considered the head of the judicial system. Current High Chancellor Michael von Friedech was appointed by his wife, Kara von Friedeck, the Baroness Rosewood, the sole Crown Court judge.