Royal Armed Forces (Überstadt)

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Royal Überstadti Armed Forces
Royal Armed Forces
FoundedOctober 2009
Service branchesNavy, Army Reserve
Commander-in-ChiefAdam I
Military age14
Active personnel3

The Royal Überstadti Armed Forces, usually known domestically as the Royal Armed Forces or RAF, are the national military of the Kingdom of Überstadt. The Forces were organized into its present form on 26 October 2013, but is descended from the Department of the Navy established before the foundation of Überstadt by the Planning Committee.

The Royal Armed Forces are commanded by the Monarch in their capacity as Commander-in-Chief. At present, the only active force in the RAF is His Majesty's Navy, with three active-duty personnel. The Royal Army Reserve formally exists but has no current reservists.

His Majesty's Navy

The Department of the Navy was established as a branch of the group preparing to found Überstadt in October 2009. During the period of kritarchical Überstadt's history in which several small rebellious or secessionist movements arose, the Navy was heavily involved in espionage targeting suspected traitors.

Today, His Majesty's Navy is responsible for all national defense and law enforcement, as well as disaster response. It operates two vessels and is based at George Naval Base in Rosewood.

Royal Army

The Royal Army, presently not in active duty, bears the name of the Royal Army Reserve. The force was formed by a group of volunteers during the November Revolution to support the monarchist movement. Today, the army has no reservists, but the legal structure of the force exists.