Order of the Seagull

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Most Excellent Order of the Seagull
Awarded by the Kingdom of Überstadt
Type Chivalric order with two ranks
Awarded for Outstanding contributions to the culture, politics, economy, environment, or general welfare of the Kingdom by its citizens
Status Currently awarded
Established February 2012
Total awarded Recipients: 8
Next (higher) Order of the Fir
Next (lower) Order of the Hawk

The Most Excellent Order of the Seagull is an order of chivarly bestowed by the Kingdom of Überstadt. It is the second most senior of the Kingdom's orders of chivarly by precedence. It is the only Übersadti order of chivarly that may only be bestowed to Überstadtis. The King of Überstadt is its sovereign.


There are two grades in the Order of the Seagull, the holders of all of which may be referred to as knights.

  • Knight/Dame Commander
  • Knight/Dame


Knights/Dames Commander

  • Michael of Edmount MP, for his role in the foundation, reform, and early parliamentary politics of Überstadt.
  • Prince Aaron of Überstadt, for his role in Überstadti politics, serving as Opposition Leader and Prime Minister.
  • Lady Kara, Baroness Rosewood for government service, cultural contributions, and continuous support of Überstadt.


  • Theron of Edmount MP, for his service as the first Prime Minister of Überstadt.
  • Adara C., for her role in the foundation of Überstadt.
  • Elijah P., first head of Überstadt Covert Operations
  • M. Bergstrom, first Fleet Admiral of the Department of the Navy
  • Terrah Perera, second High Chancellor