Order of the Fir

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Order of the Fir
Awarded by the Kingdom of Überstadt
Type Chivalric order
Awarded for At the Monarch's pleasure
Status Currently awarded
Established 26 October 2013
Total awarded 6
Next (higher) None
Next (lower) Order of the Seagull

The Order of the Fir is the the senior most order of chivalry bestowed by the Kingdom of Überstadt. It is in fact the youngest of the chivalric orders, having been created by the Third Constitution, but was established for the purpose of serving as the order with the highest precedence. The King of Überstadt is its sovereign, and all other members are referred to as Knights or Dames.


Each knight of the Order of the Fir is given a sprig of Douglas fir from the largest tree in Rosewood with a blue ribbon tied around it, which is pinned on their robes at investiture. Members may wear a dark green sash over the left shoulder.