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Public Cooperative
FoundedJune 2012
FounderAdam I of Überstadt
ProductsNettle sting treatment

Apotheker is an Überstadti public pharmaceutical cooperative, founded in June 2012 as a private company by Adam I of Überstadt. Its administrative headquarters is Rosewood, and its production is based in Creekbed Colony, where it harvests, processes, and packages naturally-occurring medicinal products.

Apotheker maintains wild undergrowth in Creekbed, where multiple types of plants with medicinal properties grow. The most significant of these are large sword ferns, whose spore-bearing sori are scraped off of their leaves and packaged for sale in small bags. This product, called Sporum, is the only Apotheker product currently in production. It is applied topically to nettle stings, which are neutralized by the powder. This medication is primarily kept for use by the military and Überstadti outdoorsmen, but some has been sold abroad in the past. Most notably, it has been used to treat stings suffered by A. Tarquitius Buteo, the Freyjan head of state.

Other potential products are being considered for production. These include dried huckleberry leaves, which, when made into a tea, act as an astringent. When gargled, this sort of huckleberry tea relieves sore throats. Imported plant oils may be used in future products as well.