Second Parliament of Überstadt

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The Second Parliament of Überstadt was the session of Überstadt's parliament serving from May to October 2012. It was elected on May 11 with the Conservative Coalition forming His Majesty's Government. The opposition consisted of the Centrist and Communist Parties. The term ended late due to delayed elections.


On May 9, the royal family was granted their traditional privilege of casting early ballots. On the morning of May 11, the public polls opened in Hawk City. The period for voting in person ended at 2:00 PM. This election was the first Überstadti election to employ absentee voting, which accounted for nearly a third of all votes cast. The record voter turnout of 50% is attributed to the decision to allow absentee votes.

Running for office were all members of the First Parliament, as well as Sir Diamond, founder of the Cat Party. Daniel of Korea, Opposition Leader and head of the Fascist Party, received zero votes, losing the election. All other candidates became members of the Second Parliament. The most popular individual politician remained Prince Aaron, with Sir Diamond proving nearly as successful at the polls. Both Cat Party candidates were elected, taking a combined total of 35.6% of the vote, reaffirming their position as the most popular party.


Colony act

The Colony Act passed 3-0, with Sirs Diamond and Michael not voting. It granted the monarch the right to claim foreign lands as colonies, thus allowing small territories to be added to the Kingdom without the need for an act of Parliament. Creekbed Colony was claimed immediately following the bill's passage.

First constitutional amendment

The first amendment to the Kingdom's constitution passed 3-0 with David of Edmount not voting (Sir Diamond having been inactive for some time). The size of Parliament was adjusted from five legislators per duchy to three, and mandated a unanimous vote of Parliament to further amend the constitution.


  • Theron of Edmount, Prime Minister, Contractors' Democratic Party
  • Sir Diamond of Siam, Cat Party (Inactivity interpreted as resignation)
  • Sir Michael of Edmount, Cat Party
  • HRH Prince Aaron, Opposition Leader, Centrist Party
  • David of Edmount, Communist Party