First Parliament of Überstadt

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The First Parliament of Überstadt was the session of Überstadt's parliament serving from January to April 2012. It was elected on January 10 with a conservative-centrist coalition forming his Majesty's Government.


Running for the First Parliament were HRH Prince Aaron (Centrist), Sir Michael of Edmount (Cat), Alex of Edmount (Cat), Theron of Edmount (CDP), Daniel of Korea (Fascist), and David of Edmount (Communist). The names of the six candidates were printed on ballots, which were sent to polling stations throughout Hawk City. Each voter circled the two candidates that they preferred. The five candidates with more votes than the others would win.

The polling stations opened at 10:30 A.M. and closed at 1:50 P.M. Votes were counted shortly thereafter at the Royal Residence. Forty percent of eligible voters were found to have participated in the election. Upon the counting of the votes, all candidates but Alex of Edmount were named Members of Parliament and informed of their victory that evening.


Treason Act

The first bill to pass through the First Parliament was the Treason Act. The Treason Act outlawed rebellion, assault of the monarch, overthrowing the monarch, and the conspiracy or attempt to perform any of these acts. The bill passed 3-0 with Daniel of Korea and David of Edmount not voting.

Banking and Secession Acts

The Banking and Secession Acts, proposed in March, were voted on by three Members of Parliament before being allowed to die. The voting was ceased due to an apparent lack of support for them. Both opposition legislators voiced disapproval of the measures, and Sir Michael was not expected to grant support to the Banking Act. King Adam decided to allow the simultaneously introduced bills to not go to a full vote.


The main controversy surrounding the First Parliament was the alleged conspiracy by members of the Opposition to overthrow the king. David of Edmount is believed to have formed a communist party instead of joining an existing group for the sole purpose of winning votes to gain a position that would bring him closer to the monarch. Criminal charges under the Treason Act were filed against both opposition MPs, but later dropped.

Late in April, King Adam filed a civil lawsuit against both opposition Members of Parliament, alleging that they threatened to overthrow him and thus caused him mental and emotional distress.


  • Theron of Edmount, Prime Minister, Contractors' Democratic Party
  • Sir Michael of Edmount, Cat Party
  • HRH Prince Aaron, Centrist Party
  • Daniel of Korea, Opposition Leader, Fascist Party
  • David of Edmount, Communist Party